Thanks To All

Just wanted to thank you all for the comments to John Howland’s The Artifact Erosion Counter post.  Stout Standards had a record number of hits (visits), and it’s  great seeing so many responses. That’s really what a good blog is all about.  A big thank you as well to Lisa Hume MacIntyre for her unbiased  and professional input.  Nice to know that there  are others out there who also see and understand our plight.  And last but not least a big thank you to John for the lowdown on what should now probably be called the  “Artificial Erection Counter”.




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6 responses to “Thanks To All

  1. John H

    Artificial Erection Counter, eh? Good name, seeing as how it was a couple of real p****s who dreamed it up. ROFLMFAO! I only laid the foundations, Lisa demolished it.

  2. Lisa

    TY, John! According to them, I am nothing more than a fresh out of college moron who did nothing but sit in the corner and chew my books. That may be true for my calculus classes, however, I did pay attention during my many, many science and anthro classes, and life in general. And…just because I graduated “just” last year does not mean I do not understand BS when I see it, nor condone recklessness and utter disregard for facts.

    • Lisa, you have just been initiated into our group, like it or not. Once you are insulted by Beavis & Butthead you will never have any credibility in their world. They are 24/7 trolls.

      Also please don’t waste your time trying to respond (If you notice no one does). The only comments you will find will be between the two of them, each supporting whatever the other just said.

      Just know you are appreciated here, and your views are always welcome.

      • Lisa

        Thank you! I agree on the not responding. I am not sure how one would even respond to such vile, childish remarks. We are not in third grade! Thank goodness I am not in their club of “credibility”!

  3. John H

    Hi Lisa:
    You have no idea of the damage you have inflicted on PB’s ego. Even his own kind are laughing at him for being ‘had’ by someone like me on his beloved, but thoroughly now discredited AEC.
    Time to move on and leave him where he belongs. He’s always going to be obnoxious. If metal detecting were to be banned, he’d find something or someone else to bitch about. But he’s harmless, obnoxious, but harmless, much like the Heritage Action bunch.
    Many thanks for all you’ve done and I just hope it all goes well for the future.
    John H
    PS. I heard you were out clubbing till the early hours during calculus classes!

  4. Lisa

    John….Thank you! And to you as well. Moved on before he even posted his nonsense. And…clubbing? hahaha. My problem is that I am so old I had to take a class just to figure out the calculator. By then I was lost.

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