Bubba’s Rebuttal…..

.John Howland contacted me yesterday asking that I share his comments  in regards to a recent post by Beavis, and I honored his wish (why, I will never know).  It only takes a glass of single malt (with a dash of water of course) to make him mad, and the words start flowing….If you care to know more just click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date.



If you read  yesterday’s post, you surely read the  comments that followed.  My response to Avery Marder’s comments may have seemed harsh, but I will always reserve the right to say what I want here on my blog,  and don’t appreciate someone else telling me what I should and should not be talking about. 

Likewise I have fought for years, and given a lot of my time and energy  to preserve this pastime, and resent the implication that I am unaware of what is currently going on throughout the country.

That’s all I have to say….



Thanks, as always, to Brian Mayer for allowng me to share his beach hunting videos. Saw this one yesterday…..



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7 responses to “Bubba’s Rebuttal…..

  1. I think they should get more colors in their graph, you know, dress it up a little, so people will think they are viewing something of importance.

    • Hi D/Diva
      I agree! But what’s more alarming, is these people who are quick to slag-off detectorists for lacking precision, are the same people who claim to interpret our common past with accuracy and use the ludicrous and laughable, Artefact Erosion Counter, as somehow representative of that overall ‘accuracy’. Hardly surprising they have become archaeology’s equivalent of the pantomime horse’s rear end.
      The more people we can get to read the piece, the bigger fools they will be shown to be.

  2. Hey come on now. It’s an “Artifact Erosion Counter”!! Who invented it? The Heritage Action blog of course. If you click on the item itself you will find out how they came up with it. Key sentence is the following….

    “The Counter may or may not be a precise reflection of the rate of depletion”

  3. bill from lachine


    Thanks for the chuckles…..lol…

    Regards + HH


  4. Mike Smith

    Most of what “paid” archaeologists do is guess work. You always hear them say “probably, maybe and might be”. The majority of real facts on metal items come from people in the metal detecting community that do the research, and put out the books that the archaeologist gather information from!

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