Okay, I Am A Flip Flopper!


A few of you are gonna be pissed at me, but hey you know what? I am too old to care!

The more I got thinking about a PAS for the United States the more I realized that it would probably not be a popular  program, and an extremely difficult one to put together.  Tom Tanner brought up some good points in his response, and I remembered Bob Buttafuso’s remarks a while back in coming to this conclusion.

Tom was right in that most all UK detectorists hunt fields, and do very little, if any, hunting of parks, schools, etc.. That pretty much mirrored what Bob  said with regards to his club not wanting to join any national organization here in the states.  He too said they always hunt private land (with permission) and as a result  rarely face restrictions or bans, and getting his members to pay additional fees for a group they’d have very little use for would be difficult if not impossible. Then when I thought about the water hunters, the prospectors, and their need for anything like the PAS, I decided it was definitely pie in the sky and not worth the effort.

I also started to think about the process of putting together something like the PAS.  It would involve treasure hunters, archaeologists, and of course the government.   I don’t see the first two agreeing on anything, and it seems that nothing at all is accomplished in Washington anymore.

Also Tom’s remarks about dumb restrictions also rang true, and I think the Task Force can relate to that in that they have a few parks in NYC where they cannot detect  within so many feet of a tree, etc.. I can definitely see the difficulties involved working out all the finer details of any agreement between three dysfunctional groups.

Perhaps our problems are best left to the Task Force, the FMDAC or WWATS. Let them tackle the various issues on a local scale and put out fires where and when possible.  I feel bad changing my mind, especially when I brought up the subject, but my common sense and past experience won out in the end.  Lastly, I wouldn’t wish trying to talk sense to an archaeologist on my worst enemy.

Please continue to share your thoughts on this subject…don’t let me be the one to change your mind. In fact convince me that I am wrong.



I thought the discovery of “Dig” beer was neat, but my twin brother from the UK, John Winter one upped me one, and
shared his favorites. Pretty hard topping these….


Must be difficult when out visiting friends, and they ask if you would like a beer, and say sure but do you have any…. ? Never thought kindly, ole John Winter would  partake of such stuff, but looks are deceiving.



Stonehenge Was Ancient Graveyard

Ancient Gold Wreath Found




Photo by Fay Stout

Not sure how many of you enjoy cooking, but I just added another recipe to my website, and it’s a tasty one called Spanish Chicken & Potato Roast. If you are at all interested in knowing more click here. You will see a link under the photo.



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9 responses to “Okay, I Am A Flip Flopper!

  1. Hi Dick, based on your latest comment where you “Flip Flopped”, I think you’d be better off sticking to the second part of your current web offering, and just give your opinions on beer and cooking !
    We’re not talking about PAS here at the Task Force (for now), we’re RESPONDING to Metal Detectorists all around the country, who are being ASSULTED by local authorities, and being pushed out of some of their favorite hunting spots , which include PARKS, lakes, rivers, and the like on “public” lands.
    Open your eyes, today it’s a local park, tomorrow it’s your favorite hunting spot, then it’s all “public”
    lands in the country…sounds a little like what that guy said back in Germany in the early 1940’s.
    If we don’t act as a united Force now, we’ll be subject to whatever rules these “authorities” decide is “best” for our own good, without considering our basic freedoms as Americans !
    The task Force For Metal Detecting Rights Foundation
    NEVER a fee to join

    • Thanks for your comments Avery…uplifting as always.

      For the record this is MY blog and I will comment on anything I like. I don’t need you to tell me what topics to “stick” to.

      I realize you are more of an authority on all the current bans and restrictions than I (?) but I will continue to share what information comes my way, and share my thoughts as well. I also would not brag about the Task Force responding to anything. You’ve been absent from the scene for almost a year.

      I am not sure why you find it necessary to respond the way you do. Frankly if you don’t like what I have to say here, don’t visit.

    • Keith Wills

      Amen Avery. Keith Wills VP of WWATS

  2. Ah…now… Ricardo…..
    I disagree with Avery when he says you should stick to beer and cooking….because I reckon you know f**k all about either (which proves him wrong), BUT, when it comes to wine you are a world authority.

    But seeing as you have a few years of dealing with Congress and hobby issues in general, I’ll reserve final judgement on Avery until he has lifted an archaeological scalp or two. It might turn out that cooking and beer is really his forte!

    • Hmm, don’t remember you ever turning down any meals or drinks when you were here?

    • Keith Wills

      Comments come easy, but getting some support financial or otherwise is another PROBLEM. Question always comes down to: Are you a supporter or part of the problem? Keith

      • Apparently you mean me Keith…sorry to hear that. Thought I was keeping things moving since all three groups disappeared, but apparently you don’t think so. You are certainly entitled to your opinion.

  3. As I recall, it was the lovely Fay who did the biz while you stoked the coals and opened the beers… and those ones with bloody scorpions, or whatever it was in the in the bottles and you saying it was traditional Mexican….yeah, right!
    Come to think of it I reckon Avery ain’t so bad! F**k the PAS…just gimme a safe beer!

  4. wintersen

    QUOTE – “… sounds a little like what that guy said back in Germany in the early 1940′s.”

    Whenever Godwin’s Law is invoked the argument has been lost …

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