International Women’s Day…Bring on the Gals!

Hope you are all on the “subscribe” list now for the Detecting Diva blog. Allyson Cohen is not just a treasure hunter/detectorist, but  a damn good one. She knows what she is talking about, and can put many of you guys to shame. Don’t bet her and chance it….you will be exposed, and now that she  has a blog that could be disastrous.

Allyson, along with my wife Fay, were the topic of John Winter’s recent blog post…”The Metal Detecting Diva & a  Couple of Crazy Women” (Fay is one of the crazy ones)! She and I have been married for 46 years, and she has been my detecting partner for some time, although of late, neither of us have  been able to get out as much as we once used to.

She is an avid photographer and is responsible for most all the photos in my books over the years. She keeps me on the straight and narrow (well sometimes), and constantly  warns me about hanging with and listening to John Howland (a.k.a. the Malamute Saloon).

Fay finally retired last February after 46 years of intenstive care nursing, and as a result, has been driving me crazy. I talked her into doing a blog, and it has gotten  entirely out of hand. The Crazy Women’s Photography Club pretty much says it all. I will  add however that when she is out with the crazies I can rest in peace and quiet.

I was not aware that today was “International Women’s Day” until John mentioned it in his post, and not sure just how we men are supposed to handle it.  We have  Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and now this. Thanks a lot John!!

I do think the pastime desperately needs to attract more gals (can just hear you all saying WHAT?), and we need to push and promote that. Why? Because we need to grow.  We need to become more accepted as a family pastime. It will help our image and it’s good for us all in the long run.

(And hey John Winter….we have 90 acre fields here as well, and they get hunted heavily. Totlots are not our norm….Howland hunts those).




I subscribe to Steve’s Sunken Treasures and found one of his  recent posts pretty funny, and yesterday it became funnier because while I was out with my wife shopping at the “World Market” in Dallas, I encountered the same thing… a  beer named “DIG”. Be sure to check out Steve’s story….

Needless to say I had to pick it up too….thanks Steve.



To all of you who emailed about just who these two were….now you know. Check them out from time to time. Will make you aware of what we are up against, and give you  a few laughs in the process. Of course if you don’t enjoy fiction….




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8 responses to “International Women’s Day…Bring on the Gals!

  1. Oh Geezzz Dick–The pressure! Now I’m going to have to start posting my finds to live up to this!

  2. Well of course, but I know you can do it…

  3. John H

    Hey Ricardo;
    I’m all for International Women’s Day, and what’s more, we really need more ‘hot totty’ in tight T-shirts out in the fields… purely from the academic viewpoint you understand. My Grandad was all for the UK’s Suffragette movement back in the 1912’s …in fact he chained himself to one. I’m all for women…in fact every man should own one.
    I’ve written reply this because my wife has allowed me to.

  4. I hope you enjoy the brew as much as I did. That New Belgium brewery stuff is pretty good!

  5. Dave McCarthy

    The anti-detecting zealots are going to buy a six-pack to show everyone at their next convention, that this is the type of digging tool that we use to loot artifacts . . . we”re never going to catch a break. 😉

    • You may be right Dave, however they prefer to spend their time trolling our forums, websites, and hiding out in detector shops looking for anything they can to beat us up with. Doubt they would have time to buy beer.

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