Funny How Quickly Things Change…..

With regards to the recent Beavis & Butthead post…. Beavis has now changed his mind, and said that a few of the comments on his blog were surreptitiously posted by  detectorists (yeah, right).  Of course at the time he seemed to like them. One commenter suggested..“The fact any shop can sell any metal detector to anyone, regardless,  is an absolute travesty.” His reply, “Of course it is”.

Then finally Butthead comes to the rescue and says “But Andy, not everyone with a metal detector is damaging  archaeological sites. They are used by archaeologists, meteorite hunters, gold prospectors, beach detectorists and rally token hunters, not to mention builders, plumbers and  security men. Simply banning the tool is not the solution, and nobody here is suggesting such a thing”.

Apparently we can only be “beach detectorists” or “rally token hunters”….?

As for Beavis’s quick turnaround, I guess you could call it “changing course in midstream”.  I’d call it “being caught with your pants down” (and when I think of these two  individuals that really grosses me out)!




My mild mannered, usually full of crap, counterpart in the UK sent along an update, and I am not sure what to make of it.  Have a feeling that the Beavis and  Butthead post had something to do with it…

To read about John’s latest brainstorm click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date, and if you care to comment you can do so here….



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5 responses to “Funny How Quickly Things Change…..

  1. While detecting a local park about 2 years ago, I happened upon a detectorist’s worst nightmare; an archaeological dig in progress (Luckily I was wearing my camo and was able to stealthily back off without being seen). So I put that park on the “Asking for trouble” list, and did not return for over a year.

    When I did return, I curiously went to the area to check it out. It was abandoned. Large holes were left all over, arc tape and string littered the ground, some hanging in the trees, piles of dirt, and water bottles strewn about. And these are the folks who say we are destroying sites? Amazing. I guess they didn’t find what they were looking for, so it was okay to leave it in an abandoned state. I just wish they left a few trowels behind, as its rumored that trowel sales might soon be regulated. Those poor gardeners.

    • Detectorista there is a word for all this…..Hypocrisy!!

      I am definitely on my way to the garden store to purchase extra trowels…..

      • John H

        Caught with thier pants down…..
        PB. ” Let’s be frank.”
        ‘Foggy’ Swift. ” No. You were Frank last time.”

  2. Too bad you didn’t grab a couple of pictures of what some are really like to be used for future legal battles.

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