Beavis & Butthead…the Saga Continues!

As you all know I have a following amongst the archaeological communities in the UK and Poland, and I find it difficult to be humble when such distinguished people  wait with baited breath to hear what it is I have to say.  Sooo, I will give Beavis & Butthead a little fodder here so they can drool all over their keyboard.

I would share their blogs but you all know who I am referring to.  If you don’t, you haven’t been a Stout Standards reader for any length of time.

A few recent comments on Beavis’s site in the UK.

“The fact any shop can sell any metal detector to anyone, regardless, is an absolute travesty.”…or, “Can anyone just walk into a shop  and buy a hand gun?  Can anyone just walk into a shop and buy Heroin? Can anyone just walk into a shop and buy a flick knife?  The answer is no to all the above because they  can cause damage, so why should a metal detector be able to sold willy nilly”.

Or how about this one…

“They even make metal detectors for and market them to children, especially at Xmas time which  is outrageous. Tax them or ban them outright and have a short amnesty period for people to hand them in to local police stations to be destroyed, just like we did  with handguns”.

And if you visit Buttheads’s Warsaw site you will see that he has trolled yet another American forum, and found something to piss and moan about. Another one of his “gotcha”  moments.


These two, self appointed guardians of the world, are 24/7 trolls, and have little else to do. One only has to look at their posts, their dates and times to realize that.

There’s never anything funny, uplifting or informative on their blogs.  They were created to negate anything at all related to metal detecting, treasure hunting (ooh…a bad word), and they will stop  at nothing to pursue that goal. Why, we are the scum of the earth, the guys in black (wait a minute, it’s now camouflage), and we are the evil doer’s. If history is left  up to them we will be “history”. Mark my words….

I hear a great deal about how we have to learn to work with the archaeological community, and how we need to be part of the effort. What effort? That which they are  pushing?  Sorry, yours truly has bowed out of that picture.  As I’ve said many times in the past, I am tired of the pissing match, and I am tired of hearing from those of  you who think we have some chance to be in their good graces.  Let me know how that works out…

All one has to do is visit Beavis & Butthead every so often, and you will soon get the gist of what it is they are doing, and they are not subtle about it, as you can see from the above comments.  They want to put us out of business, and this is not a hit and miss effort….it’s a coordinated one, and if you cannot see that, and  want to keep groveling, fine.   Just leave me out please!


UPDATE 3/4/13…..7:39 Central time….

Love the way this has suddenly changed to a “we never said that”

Beavis and Butthead are devoted fans of Stout Standards.



Just read John Winter’s lastest update, and wanted to pass along the link …..

This story should give us all food for thought and put things in perspective… RIP Mick.



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9 responses to “Beavis & Butthead…the Saga Continues!

  1. Clive

    The detector their moaning about wouldn’t find a manhole cover under a hedge. It’s more likely to put people off than encourage them But B&B don’t do subtle 🙂

    • You are absolutely right, but everything is heavy drama with them. They are joined at the hip. Beavis is a weasel who frequently visits detector shops looking and listening for anything at all to use for propaganda, takes photos of holes in a field that, according to him, indicate someone nighthawking (No proof mind you), and then passes all this data along to Warsaw, where Butthead resides.

  2. So sad that the people who need detectorists the most want to destroy any chance of working with us. Do they not realize hobby detectorists outweigh paid working archaeologists? We are NOT going away. Learn to be nice or do without our help.

    • Butch, they don’t like “us” finding things….it makes them look bad. And the two archaeologists that I refer to have nothing but hatred for anyone using a metal detector.

  3. Can anyone imagine what life would be like if people with these kinds of views had real power over us? Mostly I suspect, we can, and the last idiot to try it shot himself in a Berlin Bunker in 1945.
    However, what B&B serve to do, is provide the evidence that Archaeological Fascism is alive, but only just kicking. These two go with the territory, just as anglers, hunters, and boxers, for example, have to put up with rabid fringe loonies opposed to thier hobbies and pastimes. It’s just a pity we waste time on our blogsites with them.
    They are harmless, though obnoxious, cranks like the rest of thier particular ilk. I’m only surprised that the Matron allows them access to a PC!

  4. These two are depriving villages somewhere, of idiots.

  5. Um…aren’t the treasure & relic hunters the ones who created the books on identifying the artifacts that the ARC’s read in ARC school? Just sayin’.

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