Updates from Keith Wills (WWATS) & John Howland

Received the following email from Keith Wills and wanted to pass it along. It is unedited….

Folks, WWATS up to this point has been more of a Internet Organization to assist other groups with helpful ideas and suggestions to fight problems that arise in our hobbies.  Now WWATS has decided to go another positive step further by becoming even more proactive in our fights to save the hobbies we so enjoy from disaster and termination. We still have some re-organizing to do yet, both on our websites and out in the field, but soon you will see WWATS  most everywhere you go, even in other countries.

Keith Wills, VP, WWATS

Keith Wills, VP, WWATS

WWATS has decided we need two websites now in order to handle the great influx of information we will be releasing so to keep everyone informed and  updated to any news as it happens.

Other groups are aligning with WWATS as we speak here, rock hounds, prospectors, hikers, detectorist and more. This kind of alignment is what is needed to create a force strong enough to be heard and to make a difference. WWATS opens it’s doors to any organization, chapter or group that wishes  to join, cost is just one dollar a month for a three year membership per person of $36.00.

Many privileges go with that membership including discounts  on equipment purchases with WWATS affiliated dealers and WWATS Outings, not to mention special areas of our websites for those paying members.

Then to even be more proactive, WWATS will be aligning themselves with other establish organizations that have a legal staff and experience to get our  concerns understood and accomplished.

Please go to our other website www.wwats.us and see our recent videos at WWATS Rendezvous in Congress, AZ. where we tried the prospective of a  beginner and his take of being introduced to our hobbies for the first time, see the many activities that went on at this outing, and most of all the inspiring words of the vice president of PLP (Public Lands for the People) that has a very experience attorney to help us all save our rights to access public lands and keep that access to enjoy or hobbies in the future.  PLP and WWATS are fighting for the same goals, think about becoming a member of both, have your words heard and keep our public lands open for our children!

Ask yourself this: “Is It Worth A Dollar A Month To Keep Enjoying Your Hobby!”

WWATS will be at the Texas Treasure Show ( LARGEST Treasure Show in America) April 13th and 14th, 2013 at Maude Cobb Convention Center, Longview,  Texas. Come join WWATS at our booth and become a part of the future of you hobby! We will also have PLP applications available there.

Thank you much, Keith Wills
checkout: www.wwats.org if you care about the future of our hobbies!



Mr. Howland added an update to his Malamute Saloon link, and it concerns the FID, and it’s current insurance policy. Good reading and  something worth considering over here. Perhaps one of the big 3 will look into it…

John also talks about his sand scoops, which is a big change. Usually he is ragging on an arkie, or  bragging about his manliness (which by his wife Margaret’s account, is a big joke.).  In any case if you care to read his latest click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date.

Please note…. Some of Johns early posts in the Malamute Saloon have become almost unreadable due to either an error on my part or a glitch in the program. I am working to fix them all, but it will take a couple of days.  Thanks…


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