The Latest Fashion in British Detecting Circles…

Well the response was pretty much unanimous that the Pro-Tectors Detecting Vest was a little over-the-top but wait!  I just learned that it’s also available in camouflage.  Hot damn!  Now you’re talking, or as they say here in my neck of the woods, “might need to get me one of these…”!





I don’t mean to be so critical (yes I do), but is that “British” camouflage?  Do the woods and forests really look like that over there?  Maybe it’s just me, but when I look  at this item I get the feeling they should also be offering a tie to go with it. A suggestion….tone down the bright green camouflage, and make the whole  vest camouflage, not just the pockets.

Then again I gotta tell you, I have never figured out the camouflage thing anyway when it comes to detecting. Are we hunting squirrel or deer at  the same time?  Might it not be a little dangerous to be detecting a cellar hole in the woods during hunting season? Hell I would want the brightest fluorescent vest I  could find.  Come to think of it, might even make me look official, you know as though I am working for the city, county, etc. (hmm…now there’s an idea).  Now I know you all  all are going to send me nasty emails about this, but hey you gotta understand…I am a Yankee stuck in the South!

While we are talking about gear, let me offer a challenge to all the metal detector manufacturers. Do not make any future models that weigh over 2.5 lbs. None, nada, zilch!  It’s time to think small, and start thinking of the older, more refined,  wiser gentlemen like me, and while you are at it, make sure all future models come with wireless  headphones. If they can make Smart phones that do everything but take care of your bodily functions, you can make detectors that are light and free of cables/wires.

Well, let’s see…I just pissed off a British vest maker, every treasure hunter South of the Mason Dixon line, as well as all the metal detector manufacturers (guess I  better quit while I am behind). Please understand it’s just that I like to travel light when I detect, and the less I have to carry, the better. I even tried to start a  nudist detecting club a few years ago, but got a lot of flack when I limited membership to gals only (but hey if by chance there are few ladies out there today who like this  idea….?).



Nothing new to report on this front as of today. Have asked the principals involved to keep me posted on things, and as soon as I hear any more I will let you know.  Still hoping to see one of the national groups step forward and take charge.



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36 responses to “The Latest Fashion in British Detecting Circles…

  1. bill from lachine

    Lol…..I have a hard enough time remember to bring my digger along when I detect……wearing one of those looks like a kevlar vest for a police swat team…

    Regards + HH


    • Bill, the black one I showed previously looked like a Swat Team item. As for the camouflage one….could only imagine how I would be received if I showed up in one of those. LOL.

  2. Joe Smith

    Designed by someone who drinks, or is worn by someone who drinks. I don’t drink, but probably would if I had to wear that.

  3. Yo Ricardo:
    I’d sure pay good money to see you wearing one of these vests and a ten gallon hat. They do a cammo Zimmer too, for the old boys. Mine’s great!

  4. wintersen

    You Yankees are strange people. Just jaw jackin, I reckon.
    The vest, discreet and understated, happens to be the height of fashion over here in the UK – not plum but pert near. 🙂
    I have a tie to match!

  5. A little over the top; maybe… Camouflage unnecessary; perhaps… Pissed off a British vest maker; I doubt it…

    This manufacturer managed to establish himself in a very lucrative niche of the growing metal detecting after-market, with his “protective gear for man & machine” product line.

    I reckon he’s most pleased that his new vest is being featured and discussed (with a link to his website) on this well known American Metal Detecting blog.

    Would I get one; probably not… but I’m positive that there’s loads of hobbyists out there who will just HAVE to ‘ave one of these…

    –Eddy C.

    • Well that sets my mind at ease Eddy…I have a habit anymore of pissing off a lot of people, and I am really a decent guy (or is it bloke?). I used to have a lightweight fishing vest that I wore some, but it was nothing like these bears.

      And, this “well known American Metal Detecting blog” is only well known to a few arkies who visit daily. They love to troll, and picking out anything that they can use to debase our efforts. To them I say “bless your heart”…..

      Thanks Eddy

  6. Ok I see all the pockets but where it the bullseye?
    In my years detecting I don`t remember using so many pockets,
    but hey you want to bring your beer whit you. 6 pockets just for your 6 pack! I use my cooler.

  7. I sometimes hunt sport fields…..perhaps next time I’ll wear all white so I blend in with the goal posts.

  8. Nudist Detecting Club????
    Seems a great idea, but I’d be very wary of bending over to dig a target in front of someone wielding a pink detector and approaching fast from the rear.
    Anyway, where would you stick your Pro-Pointer?

  9. Dave McCarthy

    Dick, have you tried the XP Deus detector. Kind of pricey but very lightweight and wireless.

  10. Clive Coleman

    What are you meant to put in all the pockets??
    Once it was full, would you still be able to move?

  11. What would you put in all those pockets ? now let me see:

    Cigs, nope don’t smoke
    Beer, not when I’m detecting
    Spare batteries, keep them in the car
    Tie storage for when its not worn
    Phone, nope lost that last week
    i-pod, got one but haven’t worked out how to turn it on yet so that’s a No then
    Chocolate bar, eaten before it reaches pocket
    Instruction manual, Oh cummon whoever reads those ?
    First aid kit for when you get shot……aha worked out what the pockets are for Dick…..

  12. I was thinking that maybe with all the rain the Brits get, their foliage is more colorful, and they are just trying to blend??

    As for the pockets….lip balm, lipstick, mascara, sewing kit, magnifying glass, lotion, shampoo, hairspray, gum, dental floss, nail polish, tweezers, travel mirror, band aids, toothbrush, toothpaste…you know, all the basics for a day out in the field.
    Gotta look good out there!

    Hey, don’t knock the sewing kit though–I have personally sewn a few guys popped buttons back on their camos while in the field. I know where your mind is going…stop.

    • My mind? Nah, never….

      Hadn’t looked at the vest from a gal’s standpoint…. wish there were more interested in the pastime. We need some class for sure.

      • Hey don’t knock yourselves! I have never met a more down to earth, finer group of guys than the ones in the detecting community. Class comes in all colors of camo–even bright foliagy, tacky pocketed vest camo.

      • Hmm, obviously you haven’t met a few of my detecting friends.

      • Nah!! I’m not a fashionista, I’m a detectorista 🙂

      • Since the topic is camo, someone please tell me why men (sorry guys) think its okay, and perhaps stylish to wear mismatched camo in the field?
        Wearing a woodsy camo jacket in brown tones, with digital camo pants not only confuses the local wildlife, but is awkward and produces a dizzying effect to the people viewing it. Kind of like wearing plaid with stripes and hoping no one will notice.

      • Uh-oh, here it goes guys…. suspect Diva will have a fashion link up and running real soon.

  13. Note to self, ‘don’t wear plaid & stripes again’

  14. Oh the humor is too much–you guys kill me!

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