Do I Hear a Stirring?

Well, with the Cook County situation back on the front burner I think things might start happening amongst the major players. There seems to be a stirring out there.   Time will tell…..

I hope that you all had a chance to read the comments from Chicago Ron and Patrick Anderson of the Midwest Research Historical  Society, and especially the letter they sent to the Forest  Preserve District of Cook County. I would highly recommend you and/or your club copy it, and save it for possible use or reference in the future. It is a well thought out approach to difficult situation, and it offers what I think is a reasonable compromise solution. Has it had an effect? Not yet, but the effort that went into drafting the proposal is  an example of what can be done if we think things through.

Thanks again Ron and Patrick for sharing, and I am hoping you receive some help soon from one or all three of the national groups soon.



Found the following items today while scanning a few sites, and wanted to get your thoughts and feedback. First there is this….

Probe Leg Holster with Security Attachment and Expandable Coiled Lanyard

And then if that doesn’t do the trick, or if you want to look even more professional, you could add this.
I continue to be amazed at how much extra “stuff” we need to have to be a successful detectorists/treasure hunter. Is all this really necessary? Are we out find a  few coins or relics, or to look like a “Swat Team”? I know, I know, I know….I am old, over the hill and not with it anymore, but damn. Far cry from a carpenter’s apron, a screwdriver and a metal detector, and when I think about everyone with camera’s on their noggins it just blows me away.

I also have to wonder what gear like this does to promote our “good guy” efforts. What must onlookers think when they see us decked out like this? Let me know what you think. Me personally?  I find it pretty hilarious and over the top.  Then again when talking with Chicago Ron on the phone Monday he suggested I get a plastic walker with wheels in order to get out more.  

Up yours Ron!!



Thanks to Eddy Current again for the following video….



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12 responses to “Do I Hear a Stirring?

  1. pocketspill

    I get some distance from my vehicle sometimes so really like carrying things with me in a very small backpack that contains a hydration bladder. Snacks, drink, small coil, notebook and a bit of first aid fit in there nicely. It’s light and comfortable. I’d never wear that vest!!!

  2. James Wdzenczny

    I love your humorous videos, the one on the vest had me laughing. This is a joke! Isn’t it?

  3. Dave McCarthy

    Does that vest come with a grappling hook? Sheesh .. I thought my four-pocket carpenter pouch was excessive.

  4. wintersen

    For your information the vest is also available in camouflage material.

  5. Hey Dick:
    That probe leg holster is just great. I wear mine on the inside of the thigh under my jeans.

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