A Project for the Big 3…

Ron Guinazzo (a.k.a. Chicago Ron) shared the follwoing video on Facebook, and I wanted to post it here  to reenforce what we’ve been talking about here over the past week. I also want to congratulate “Treasure Fiend” for putting together this video,  and for starting the effort, a.k.a.the fight. Notice all the trash that he collected and who get’s banned?   We do…..

As I said before it’s time to be proactive, and this might be a good starting point.  Hopefully one or all three of the “supposed” national organizations  will get on this, and find out why this happened, and if there’s more to this story let us know…. I personally have not investigated further….


After doing a little surfing apparently this ban happened back in 2012, and is not  a recent decision.  Nonetheless, given Treasure Fiend’s effort, it’s still something that ought to be looked into and given some attention.

Ms. Preckwinkle’s address can be found by clicking on http://fpdcc.com/preserves-and-trails/rules-and-regulations/ Hoping you might find time to write her and ask more about the ban.  I will do so today, and let you know what response, if any, I receive.  Would love to know “who” was initially responsible for the ban.



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11 responses to “A Project for the Big 3…

  1. bill from lachine

    Thanks for posting up the video…..funny how we always get made out to be the bad guys…..we clean up way more crap than the meager finds we make…..

    Let’s hope treasure fiends video goes viral.

    Regards + HH


  2. Bill, there may be more to this story, but whenever I see things like this I get angry, very angry. Bottles, needles, trash, crap, etc. is acceptable but a hole in the woods is not. Tired of it….

  3. The Movers and Shakers at Cook County have done more damage to this site that an army of treasure hunters could ever do. I’ll bet if that burial ground was for other than Native Americans, it would be sporting the US flag and all the trimmings!
    Certainly be pro-active, and get that wretched woman who started all this on camera and show the wider world how SHE looks after the heritage!!!!!!!

    • Thanks John….what TH’ers don’t seem to understand is that this is one situation, and that these things continue to multiply. Before long it will be in their neck of the woods, and suddenly they will be screaming bloody murder.

  4. Kudos to TreasureFiend. This is a fine example of why we need to unite and be heard!

    • Indeed Steve…..but unfortunately many just keep tredding water, thinking things like this will go away. Thanks for taking the time comment.

      • After a cursory check on the internet it appears that this ban is not a recent happening, and that it goes back to early in 2012. Still a good project to work on and effect change somehow….

  5. Dave McCarthy

    I watched this video a little while ago and was disgusted. Has anyone read the rules and regulations for using these areas? It’s written like they don’t want anyone there . . period.

  6. Avery Marder

    Hi Dick…well I’m a little annoyed, but not surprised to about your comments regarding the 3 national organizations, and in particular the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights Foundation (the Task Force), without giving your own background with this organization.
    You failed to mention that at one time you were a board member of the Task Force, and resigned because of your affiliation with Whites Electronics. You resigned a time when the Task Force was able to obtain much needed funding from MineLab, a company that doesn’t just give money away unless they fully trust the motives and ability of the receipient organization. The Task Force has proven itself by its actions and efforts in support of the Metal Detecting Community. You, Dick, resigned because you felt that this MineLab support would jepordise your relationship with Whites, and the Task Force board accepted your resignation graciously.
    Now the turn around, recently the Task Force requested, and pulled together a meeting with all of the major metal detecting manufacturers, which included Whites, Garrett, MineLab, First Texas, Tessoro, etc – most of whom attended.
    At this meeting the Task Force laid the ground work for its future plans and, asked for the support of the manufacturers. This meeting started the ball rolling to establish a concerted effort to establish the Task Force, as the voice for the Metal Detecting Community, and the manufacturers as supporters of those efforts. The Task Force Has taken on the challenge to put a program in place, with the funds it now has, to establish a working model for a national organization to support, defend and protect the rights of the Metal Detecting Community. To this end the Task Force has begun to search for a law firm to act as the central legal core, and to work with law firms outside of its jurisdiction as the needs arise across this country. The Task Forced realizes that this is a national fight, and that the discrimination against the legal pastime of recreational metal detecting in any part of this country, will eventually affect other parts, and must be fought wherever it rears it’s ugly head…the task force is dedicated to this effort.
    One last thing, the Task force is an all volunteer organization, with NO paid officers, and no allegiance to any outside group, manufacturer, nor individuals..we are here to protect the rights of the Metal Detecting Community..and we the Task Force Board of Directors, are all dedicated Metal Detectorists ourselves. Also the task force WILL NOT ASK FOR ANY MEMBERSHIP DUES (it’s free to join) from the Metal Detecting Community, or, for that fact, any individual who wants to lend their voice in helping to support the rights of the Metal Detecting Community..all the task Force wants is an “army’ to help in these battles when needed, thank you.
    Avery Marder
    Vice President,
    Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights Foundation

    • Okay, now my turn….

      Back in the fall of 2011, I learned of the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights. If I remember right the group had another name at the time, but nonetheless I was impressed with their efforts to open up various parks in New York city. As a result I promoted their efforts/cause on the Stout Standards website.

      I also agreed, when asked, to be a “special advisor”….NOT a board member as Avery suggests. My reason? Because I wanted to see the group suppoted by all the manufacturers, NOT just Minelab.

      Did I and do I have an allegiance to White’s Electronics? You bet, and if you visit my website that will be quite obvious. They make a great product, and my relationship with them goes back years and years to when Ken White Sr. was still at the helm, and I will be forever indebted to him for his support in starting the FMDAC.

      I kept telling the Task Force that I would be very willing to be more involved once “all the manufacturers” were on board with their effort. I was assured that would happen “after their current agreement with Minelab” was up, and I believe that was supposed to be sometime in January 2012.

      Well as time went on, and nothing happened, I suddenly learned about a Task Force/Minelab event in Atlantic City where 11 metal detectors, all Minelab, would be given away.
      Likewise the whole two day event was paid for by Minelab.

      When I questioned this I was told the other manufactuers would be involved. That did not happen . At that point I asked that my name be removed as a special advisor, as it would appear that I was endorsing Minelab.

      Later I decided to add a link to my website called “Who We Are”…a place where I could share all the “good” things detectorists have done over the year. I thought that perhaps if clubs were facing problems in their particular area, they might use the information there to help their cause…

      Immediately after putting up this link I received an email from the Task Force (Avery) saying that my link should have gone through them, and they could have put it on their site, allowing people to also connect with me….? Given that StoutStandards is my website, not theirs, that ended my association with the Task Force.

      Let me wind all this up by saying, I still wish the Task Force well, but think they have dropped the ball with no updates on their website since May of last year. I just checked it…nothing has changed.

      Also I have saved “every single email” from this organization, and really don’t wish to share them here, but if if the accusations get any wilder or out of hand I will most assuredly do so……

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