Your Chance to Beat Me Up!

Just wanted to remind those of you who visit Stout Standards that you can share your views on any of my posts at any time. To do this simply go to the post in question,  and click on “comments”.  I am still receiving responses to my unification post of February 7th, and just  received a few good responses on the Electroscope/Blisstool blurb. Be sure to check them out….

It’s encouraging to know that there are those who take the time to look at the older posts and comment.  This blog was started for exactly that reason.  I know I am very opinionated, very vocal on certain issues, and probably irritate the hell out of some of you, and if so the blog is where you can beat me up.


Also if any of you would like to do a “guest” post about an issue, let me know. Will give your request serious consideration. Unfortunately the  pay stinks, as in nada, zero, zilch, and nothing at all….



After receiving many comments and ideas about the coming together of the big 3, we are back at square one.  Keith Wills, “former” president of  WWATS finally responded about his groups committment to joining forces, but as for the other two? Nada. Nothing…..

Honestly, when I posted my thoughts or suggestions for this kind of coalition, I was pretty confident there would be a lot of feedback, and pretty  confident the principals would not respond. Call it pride, self assurance, egotism, hubris, whatever…. It’s the ole “we can do it better” rising to the  surface. Admitting that maybe we didn’t quite live up to expectations is hard to swallow. It means you failed those who were counting on you.

I intend to keep this topic alive, and will nudge, needle, and probably piss off those who supposedly pretend to lead, until they actually do what they  promise. An organization that claims to represent the masses in a particular area needs to utter a few words here and there, NOT disappear from view for  almost an entire year. Why they couldn’t communicate in some manner, if only to say we are having problems, is beyond me. You can only click on a link so  many times and see the same information, or not find anything at all,  to finally say “the hell with it”.

Lastly, to the “big three”….I cannot see where any of you can survive on your own, or that competition between you all is good for the pastime. Swallow  your pride, make an effort to meet “FACE TO FACE” and talk. That’s all….TALK. You may be surprised to find out that you have more in common than you thought?

Then again there are many of you who subscribe to the “leave well enough alone, and don’t stir things up”. To you I say, just wait, it’s only a matter of time….



If you read my last post you may remember my asking for comments about the Blisstool metal detector. I had a one response from a Steve D., and appreciated his  input (See comments for February 10th).

While perusing the internet I also found the following video and wanted to share it here….Please keep in mind this is from May of 2012.

 Since that time I have not heard much at all about the Blisstool, but I am still hoping to hear from more users, and will keep you posted. This is not  a knock on the product.  Just that the Blisstool was so high on everyone’s list, and now there’s very little mention of it.  My guess is that it’s a pretty good machine  that just never got the coverage or advertising it deserved.



As an old baseball card collector I found the following article of interest….. Maybe I need to start checking out yard sales more!

Rare 1865 baseball card, bought for $100, sells for $92,000



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15 responses to “Your Chance to Beat Me Up!

  1. Jessie Thompson

    I would suggest talking to Carter Pennington in reference to the bliss tool and the new smart tech machines

  2. Jessie, I asked for responses, and Carter Pennington did not respond. My blog is just that, and those that read it can respond and/or pass along my posts to those who can….

    Is Carter Pennington aware of my post(s)? Dunno, but I suspect he is….JMO.

  3. Big Tony from Bayonne!

    Hey Dick, have you ever found a coin at 11 inches with any of the whites machines that you have owned?

    • Tony, I don’t really measure my finds, much like I don’t wear a camera on my head. I just turn it on and go.

      • Big Tony from Bayonne!

        I usually use my digger for an eyeball – no ruler involved. Just put your digger into the whole and get an idea of the depth.
        So using that as a guide how deep?

  4. Big Tony from Bayonne!

    Does Jessie own a Blisstool?
    Why was the test with the Etrac so fast? It appeard that the Etrac was swung much to fast for that test!

  5. I have dug a great many coins over the years, and I could say that I probably found a few at that depth, but they were probably quarters or halves, not dimes.

  6. bill from lachine

    Thoughtful post as usual….heck I even came up with a tune for you…lol.

    Regards + HH


  7. I think the Blisstool suffered from being a specialized machine. All they need to do is add something to let me gauge the depth of the object and I am all over the detector. The new darling out there seems to be the Vista.

  8. Dave, my first impression of the Blisstool was that it “looked” very heavy. I only saw a photo and of course the video I posted. Will have to look into the Vista. Not familar with it.

  9. Steve D

    The video above shows just what we found the BT to do find a known buried target. The demo’s repeated this all day. When in the hands of a purchaser the machine could do the same. Be tuned to find a known target but would not find a coin after the tuning to find the known target was set. The results of the video shows what any hunter has experienced with any type detector on a target not known to the hunter. At a normal sweep speed a target get indicate (peep) and once honed in on becomes a nice loud repeatable signal. For some reason I think the testing is invalid as how many targets get buried just before you find them in loose dirt? Each machine had its very own technology most are build to search through solid conditions not loose soil. This in it’s self could be the sole reason the others didn’t respond. How many times do we get the diappearing signal on a Minelab once the soil is disturbed only to find the target on one or two scoops more. Minelab’s don’t detect well in loose soil.

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