And Now I know!

A frequent visitor and commenter on Stout Standards is “Bill from Lachine”, and he always raves over  John Howland, and his crude  commentary. I finally discovered  why. Bill forwarded a photo of himself, and it suddenly made sense…

Bill and friends....

Bill and friends….

Jeezus, talk about “birds of a feather”. Howland also has a few photos like this (well at least he showed them to me). I was amazed at how in all the pictures  he always had black socks on, wore black glasses and his nose looked big?

According to Bill the above photo was taken a few years ago in Vegas, and all the gals are  Playmates (I have no idea what that means?).

For the record Bill is an administrator on the Canadian Metal Detecting Forum,  and Lachine, in case you wonder, is in Quebec, Canada….

Thanks for the photo Bill. I will admit it’s difficult picking you out of the crowd….



Was sorry to hear of the passing of Larry Armstrong. Larry was always  working to promote the pastime, and used to attend events all over the country. He was very active in the FMDAC, WWATS and AMDA, not to mention being an avid  supporter of detectorists rights in and through aligned organizations such as GPAA and PLP, etc..

RIP Larry….



I continually come across papers that were mis-filed, and today I found the following. A yellowed and aged memoir of yesterday….


My attendance and participation in this event was to present the FMDAC to the Texas Council and ask them to join our effort. As I remember a good many clubs did join that  day. The event was well organized and it was fun seeing familar faces in another setting. If I remember right Ken White, Sr., paid my expenses so that I could  spread the word about the FMDAC.  Mr.White (who passed away in April of 1991) was always encouraging me to keep the ball rolling, and I will forever be grateful for  his help…..

This year’s show will be held April 13th and 14th in Longview, Texas. For more information click HERE.



Well we had over 34 responses to my post of February 7th, but disappointingly, not one from the  three “so called” national organizations (I know they all saw the post).  I was really hoping to get their thoughts, opinions, etc. on my ten point plan, but alas it was not to be.  Guess we will just  have to keep checking their progress (or as has been the case of late, lack thereof).



Most exciting thing to happen here was Barnum got a new bed! Barnum (a.k.a. Big Jake), as I am sure you know is my best friend, and I would go so far as to say my  only true friend. He follows me all over, despite the fact that he is blind and deaf. I can leave a room, and hear his paws padding right behind me.

Me and Big Jake...

Me and Big Jake…

For whatever  reason his old bed was not doing the job any more. Not sure why, but he suddenly decided he wouldn’t lie in it.  I looked at it (it sits here on the floor of my office),  and I had agree it was pretty pathetic.  In any case Big Jake lucked out and is now a happy camper (and I am a pretty lucky guy to have him).

Big Jake, doing what he does best in his hew bed.....

Big Jake, doing what he does best in his hew bed…..



Visited one of the most popular forums this morning, and discoverd one of the hottest topics was how difficult it was to find ammunition? Is this a topic fitting for a metal  detecting website, and is it any wonder we are viewed as misfits, looters, etc….?



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8 responses to “And Now I know!

  1. CousinEddie

    Don’t even get me started about the metal detecting websites….They do a great deal of harm to this hobby. I am not speaking about all the sites. The larger sites with tons of sponsors are the biggest culprits. I belong to a very small site with very well respected hunters as members. We don’t discuss ridiculous shit that makes us like mindless goons ready to mine hole someone’s back yard looking for treasure . We stick to what we love…swingin’ the coil.

    • I sometime feel ashamed after reading some of the stuff posted on the various forums. Of course I just posted a photo of a TH’er with four playmates so I guess I should keep my mouth shut….

  2. wintersen

    Goodness, Dick … your attempts to attract comments knows no bounds. When you worked for Garrett, did adverts have buxom lasses draped seductively over probes and other equipment? So Seventies!

    I also challenge you do make the next THREE blogposts without mentioning someone called Howland!

    BTW, detecting forums were always ridiculous!

    But really, I congratulate you on another pleasing, provocative and pulchritudinous post.

    • Thinking about adding a “centerfold” page but haven’t made up my mind yet. As for Howland, he’s a popular guy and my alter ego.

      Pulchritudinous? What dat mean? FYI, I know big words too…. locomotive, refrigerator, etc…

  3. Dick:
    The photgraph shows the Very Reverend William, of Lachine, a Canadian missionary of high repute, with four of his converts colloquially known as ‘Playmates’. If you ask the Very Reverend William how his good works are progressing, I’m sure he’ll explain the missionary position to you.

    • Yeah right Bubba…. I think you and Bill ought to get together, and have a night out on the town? That is if you
      still know what that means, and if you are still able.

      According to Mags, you are not…..

  4. bill from lachine

    Frankly…..I doubt if Vegas could handle John H and myself at the same time….it would probably turn into chaos…..either that or they’d hire us to do an Abbott and Costello skit….lol.

    Regards + HH


  5. From what his wife tells me I think it might be the latter…..

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