Lots of Visits, Few Responses…

For whatever reason I have lots of visitors to both my website and my blog, but find that hardly any of you care to comment on  either.  Not sure if it’s shyness, a reluctance to argue a point or that Stout Standards is just one of those places to check out, and then move on….

I really thought that Mark Schuessler’s letter might evoke more responses, especially from current FMDAC members, but that did not happen.  Likewise I thought Scott Clark’s interesting response would raise a few eyebrows, but that was not to be either….

I can track my visitors  by town or locaton,  have a pretty good idea of who you are and wonder what is it that I can do to get you to  participate?

What you read here is pretty much the same thing that I put on my website. Why have both? Because the website has been  up for close to three years, and I do not want to lose the information, photos, articles, etc..  It’s been a lot of work, a lot of fun, and it’s my “baby”, lousy code and all….

I hope that those of you who visit here  will find the time to respond when something is of interest to you. You can do that by clicking on the comments section (Leave a Reply).  Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, or tell me to piss off when I have something that annoys.  That’s the main purpose of this blog…..

Gimme hell...I can take it.

Gimme hell…I can take it.



Interesting article from Eddy Current. Eddy has become a source of information lately, and shames me in that he finds articles  from here in the states that escape my notice. Thanks Eddy…appreciate it.

Billings Woman Hopes for Return of Spanish coin



My friend from back East Joey Ortega has a knack of putting together a treaure hunting video, and this is his latest. Never  thought I would see the day when a camera on your head would be a prerequisite for metal detecting, but then what the hell do I  know? In any case, thanks Joey for putting this out there. Some nice finds (hope you spring a leak in your waders next time out!)

You can check more of his handiwork by clicking HERE



Someone sent this to me, and I have forgotten who. I apologize profusely. I always like to credit those who contribute,  but my mind is blank. Hoping whoever it was will forgive me….

 An Arkie’s Take on the New Digger’s Show



February’s detecting schedule is not looking all that encouraging. The weather is great, and ideal for it, but so far on  my calendar is a stress test next week, and after that something called an ABI and Sonogram. Likewise I added another damn pill  to my collection in the hopes that I can fix a new problem. I have long wondered if the pills themselves might my problem, but the  docs and my wife have pretty much told me that all my body parts would fall off instantly if I stopped taking them….

As Garrison Keillor once said “I’m so old that whenever I eat out they ask me for money upfront!

So, to all my friends who are out detecting, finding neat things….may you find nothing but pulltabs, and if you are in the  water (Brian, Joey), may you find shit loads of sinkers!



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37 responses to “Lots of Visits, Few Responses…

  1. bill from lachine

    Similar situation on the Canadian forum….lots of views and minimal responses…..we have a core group that tend to jump in….others as you say….could be shyness or intimidation feel uncomfortable contributing……just the way things are.

    Me I’ve got skin like an alligator so no big deal.

    Keep up the good work it’s appreciated.

    Regards + HH


  2. Mike Smith

    I enjoy your blogs and your website but I will admit I do not always reply. Sometimes it is because I do not have the time and other times I do not want to stir the pot too much, as they say, and I have been known to stir the pot. Sometimes that is the only way to get people to respond.

    Read the arkies view point and in most ways we detectorist are very much like archeologist in our ethics, in fact I recommend that we call ourselves amatuar archeologist instead of metal detectorist or the deaded title of “treasure hunters”. Except most of them get paid for their time because it is their job and we have to spend our own money to do the search and research so we should be able to sell somethings to recoup our expenses, that is just they way it is. If the item we find is truly of “historical” valve, I am sure most of us will find a museum or some other forum to display it for public enjoyment and knowledge but generally what we find has little or no historical value or there is already a zillion of the item(s) on display and once again has little or no historical value.

    Keep up the good work you do and don’t worry about the number of responses!

  3. bill from lachine

    Another point to keep in mind is it’s off season in the colder climes…..lots of people move on to other hobbies during that time….and maybe just scan the forums for some light reading….if it gives you pleasure post away.

    Regards + HH


  4. Clive Coleman

    I enjoy reading the blog I didnt realise that you had comments I seldom scroll down that far 🙂

  5. Sadly, with today’s fierce online competition out there, having interesting posts is not enough. One needs to be very proactive nowadays to get people to ones page, and even more so to get them to participate.

    It is, however, a numbers game. If you have, say, 100 subscribers of whom only 2 comment regularly, then 1’000 subscribers will result in 20 or so regular participants.

    I have taken the liberty to start promoting your blog,
    let’s see if we can’t rock this boat a little 😀

    –Eddy C.

    • Thanks Eddy, appreciate it, but I am not looking for numbers so much as I am looking for feedback, dialogue, back and forth, etc….

      • I hear you Dick. I believe the dialogue will increase with more visitors, and having just refreshed this page in a separate window, I think we’re heading the right way…

        Another problem nowadays IMO, is that people have so much information at their fingertips, but no time for anything. Even though I am a member of numerous detecting forums, I do not participate in most of them, as I simply haven’t the time to read through all the posts.

        I concentrate my online participation on Facebook, Twitter and one or two blogs, namely yours and the one of the man out standing (sic) in his field. I have no room for more and I believe that many people are the same.

        I think that today’s hobbyists tend to be mainstream consumers and that if they participate at all, they do so where everyone else does it, mainly Facebook and/or detecting forums.

        –Eddy C.

  6. Stephen DeSanto

    Dick, love you blogs and page just getting forgetful (54 it’s starting)and fail to look in a timely fashion. I sign up for email updates that may help me remember to look more often. keep up the great work. Now and we can never forget all the great things you’ve done in the past.
    Steve DeSanto

  7. Thanks Steve. My last comment on the blog goes for you too…..

  8. Hello all. I’d like to invite you to join my Kalamazoo, Michigan based metal detecting page on Facebook. Have fun and happy hunting!


  9. Eddy Current sent me a mentioning your blog in our Facebook Group.

    I will stir the pot, Garrison Keillor is a Douche Bag Socialist Squirrel Nut. But other than that, I agree with your insights and frustrations found at times blogging. I often wonder if blogging is dead, yet the way I have utilized my blogs as a hub and social media as the spokes seems to work well, but try dragging anyone off Facebook, YouTube or any of the other social media phenomenon’s and it is like waiting for the Red Sea to part again using my mental telepathy powers from here in Minnesota. As a blogger I have known success and a lot of failure, but some of the best friendships and arguments have taken place within my WordPress installation..

    We know social Media is a fad and this too shall pass, but maybe so was the blog. The blog once had outstanding power and institutions once unshakable where threatened to their core by some guy or gal voicing her opinion on a blog. Google and other search engines have almost muted the blog since then. After all, everything is politics and religion but it is so hard to find a good fight over them these days because we are now partitioned into silo’s of desolate desperation online. The say the next big thing is content marketing or something like that fuzzy logic. You can feel the ground shifting beneath us.

    I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know who hold the future. Because of this, I say we just keep at it, planting apple trees and doing everything we can to hunt relic and treasure, recover it and tell its story!

    • Thanks Chad for taking the time to respond in such detail. I appreciate that. Agree that perhaps the blog thing is getting old, but then again so am I. It’s become my way to stay in touch with old friends. Will check your blog, and thanks again.

      • I am afraid you will be disappointed in my blog, as I have gave up my pearls of wisdom in favor or automation and my shift to video over the written word. Still miss the “old days” of pontificating on this and that in written word, yet between hunting and these other projects we are cooking up, I can’t seem to get back in the habit. So I opt for automation instead and still can’t keep up with that!

        I enjoyed your blog and will be back now that I know your here!

    • pocketspill

      Speaking from doing this (SEO and content marketing) full-time for 15 years, I’ll say that blogging is not only alive, it’s rapidly becoming the center the content universe (whether it be wordpress, tumblr, Linkedin’s new blogging environment – the form doesn’t matter) People will happily leave the other social networks if the content is “worth the trip.” The real issue is that people are getting pickier and Google’s getting better at identifying their satisfaction levels. In other words, blogs that deserve to rank will rank, be shared and thrive… The craptastic-rehash ones with comments turned off sink away and get nothing. We’re seeing a natural selection at work. Dick’s blog will thrive in proportion to how passionate and emotional the readers find the content. I think recent posts on his blog are proving my point pretty well.

      • Thanks for your input Scott….I respect you a great deal, and I think you would be the perfect person to lead. Not sure you are interested, but I am throwing that out there.

        Unfortunately for me the only way I can get any response is to say something controversial, or to stir the pot. I would like to think that those who visit my blog are interested in other things as well. Perhaps I need to stop with the personal day-to-day comments and dwell on those things that agitate (not sure I can do that day after day).

        In any case I will continue to babble about something or other and take my chances with the responses. Thanks for staying in touch, and as I said above, do consider being a part of the movement. You have a lot to offer in this time of need….

  10. mike

    Well this is my first time here, so I don’t know what too think about it yet.

  11. bill from lachine

    Another little pearl of wisdom….there are 4 types of people in the world:-
    1:-People who lead the parade.
    2:-People who march in the parade.
    3:-People who watch the parade.
    4:-People who don’t even know there’s a parade going on.

    Do me a favor buddy if I ever fall into group 4 just take me out and shoot me….lol.

    Regards + HH


  12. Oh, this is the wrong thing to ask of big-mouth-highly-opinionated-blow-hards-who-think-they’re-always-right like me! LOL!

  13. David, your opinion is just as important as anyone else’s, and there are a lot of opinionated people on here. Just say what’s on your mind….worse than can happen is we sick an arkie on you.

  14. CousinEddie

    As for the arkies and their sel frighteous stench….it’s almost laughable. The only difference between an arkie and a well informed/properly practicing detectorist is the thousands of dollars and TIME spent sitting in a classroom listening to some other person teach them how to dig a hole in the ground and find stuff. If the metal detecting enthusiast adheres to the simple rules of detecting, there should be NO problems. Of course there will be swingers that tear up fields and practice piss poor hunting habits…it’s just how the world turns. I am sooooo sick of hearing these people, arkies, whine about how mder’s are “looting history”. It’s a ridiculous blanket statement. If I am looting history by finding coins and buttons that date back almost 300 years rotting away in the ground…then I am guilty. I have had local “archaeology” teams chase me out of spots that they say are not areas I am allowed to detect. Then they show up with their teams of inbred helpers tearing up the area with backhoes hoping to find what they THINK I am looking for. They spent days digging giant holes finding nothing in their sifters. I took a deep pleasure in knowing I found more stuff in just the top 5 inches of soil then they found digging 20 feet into the ground.This wasn’t the first time I have been used as a lead/locator for local “archaeology” teams to dig for stuff. They see me in a spot over time and then come in to tell me I’m not allowed to be there…although I have permission to be in EVERY spot I hunt. How is destroying a 20 x 20 plot of land more professional than me cutting simple plugs to obtains coins and buttons down to about a foot? I think the lines of reality are blurred and these people are simply jealous. Their arguments as to why we persue our hobby are baseless ramblings.

    • pocketspill

      Don’t hold back. Let it out here and then take a deep breath. We need to be articulate, calm and coherent in our efforts to advance the hobby. Ranting like this makes legislators think detectorists are loose canons and that the opposition are right to be “concerned” about what we might do next. Another reason we need to focus our communications through a polished PR-filter which doesn’t ignore emotions like yours, but represents them in a productive way.

      • CousinEddie

        Yeah, I figured it be best to vent in a place where my frustrations can be understood. My expressed opinions definitely needs some PR polishing, hahaha!! I’d say I was pretty damn articulate though in expressing my frustrations. I agree that to further this hobby in a positive manner a rant like mine sent to an official in the heat of the moment would do little good. Hence, why I don’t send them and post at places like this instead. I also feel that political correctness sometimes steals the passion that may be needed to get a point across to other groups that there is no need for such a problem between these different groups. Just my 2 cents and a taco shell….;). I always enjoy reading your posts…

      • pocketspill

        You hit it on the head Eddie. One of the main roles of this organization would be messaging. Making something “politically correct” can mean that it is polished and reshaped, not necessarily devoid of the original fire. You’ll be more successful splitting granite with delicate feathers and wedges than with a sledge hammer. The rock is still split, and you have energy left over for the next battle. * no, I’m not in politics.. LOL.

  15. CousinEddie

    Hope that didn’t sound too ridiculous. I just dislike the crap that goes on between the factions in this hobby. It’s pointless.

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