A Few Notes From Across the Pond…

John Howland just forwarded his latest contribution to the Malamute Saloon, and I thank him as always. He also sent along a couple of recent  photos of he and his partner in crime, Jack Dey.  I have never met Jack, but I feel for him. I know what a day with John Howland is like. Don’t get me wrong. John is a great TH’er and you can learn from him.  You will also learn how to run fast!

A "menacing" looking John Howland....

A “menacing” looking John Howland….

Jack Dey, John's partner in crime....

Jack Dey, John’s partner in crime….

You can find his latest scribbles by clicking on the Malamute Saloon above,and scrolling down to today’s date!

A reminder too that you can comment on any of John’s posts here on this page under “comments”…..



Thanks to “Hutch” from British Metal Detecting for sharing the following article

Rare 200-Year-Old  Half Cent Coin Found in Attic



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5 responses to “A Few Notes From Across the Pond…

  1. raymond salmons

    That was a beautiful half cent ! Thanks for sharing ! Neat matchbox cabinet too ! I think I will make one! also ,Mr. Stout, glad your back on the web!

  2. bill from lachine

    Thanks for the post……John Howland looks about as intimidating as a big panda bear…..me thinks he’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing….lol.

    Regards + HH


  3. Thanks Ray. Let me know how the cabinet comes out…

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