Up & Running Again…

Had taken down this site and my blog for a couple of days, and pondered the pro’s and con’s of continuing both. I enjoy staying in touch with a lot of my  old friends, but often find myself struggling to come up with anything new or anything of interest. I also don’t get out detecting much anymore, and that doesn’t help  the situation. 

In any case I decided to continue entertaining you with my banter (polite word for BS), and thank those of you who emailed, asking why the sites were down and encouraging me to continue on with them….


My friend Dave Wise (a.k.a. Heavymetalnut on  forums) from back in “Yankee” land (Connecticut) has been posting a lot of his finds and videos on Facebook, and I am envious (as well as pissed). If I ever see him again I am going to cut the wires to his coil.

When I look at the videos I remember areas, homesites, cellar holes exactly like those shown. I know there are probably a few around me here, but so far I have not found  them. Something about those leaf covered, wooded areas, loamy soils that I miss. Here are a few videos that Dave and his hunting partner  Todd Hiltz shared on YouTube….



Neat video put together by Bill Ratpack, member of Brian Mayer’s Jersey Shore Beach & Surf Hunters group on Facebook. If you do any water hunting at all, do  your self a favor and look them up. Lots of great information shared there. Brian is also a member of the South Jersey Metal Detecting  Club.



Interesting contest on John Winter’s blog……give it a look see, and a guess at the same time.



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22 responses to “Up & Running Again…

  1. wintersen

    Good to see you back, Dick.

  2. So glad you are back! You have a lot of fans & friends out there, including us!

  3. Dave Wise

    Awesome site Dick! Thanks for posting a couple of my youtube vids. Very honored to have you as a friend even though you like busting my stones all the time. LOL!

  4. bill from lachine

    Keep posting up your ramblings or I’ll go down there and kick your butt….lol.

    From one old grouch to another.

    Regards + HH


  5. Robbie

    Wondered where you went to…..glad it was just a short break.

  6. bill from lachine

    Yes but at least they’re lucid unlike our arch rivals….lol.

    Regards + HH


  7. Nice to have you back Dick. Your an inspiration to a lot of detectorists.

  8. Good to see you back, Dick. (: …especially love reading about your encounters with the PBNS!
    –Eddy C.

  9. Bob

    As I sit here eating a bake potato, happy that you are continuing to banter us or as you put it stuggling to come up with interesting comments for your board. (just think at our age it’s a good thing to be able to struggle & keep the thinking process going).
    Keep up the good work

  10. bill from lachine

    The term pre diluvial comes to mind…..that should get you running off to your dictionary….lol.

    Regards + HH


  11. Larry "Packrat" Bateham

    Hey Dick,
    Being oe of the old guys in detecting (since 1971) I really enjoy you talking about the old days and hunters from the past. It is needed so we do not forget them, and their importance to the hobby. I always check your site to see what is up.

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