Coinage Composition to Change?

Recently read an article that said the US Mint is  looking at alternatives to the metallic composition of our coins, in the hopes of reducing costs. While it’s only in the trial stages I have to wonder  how it might affect the ability of our detectors to find them.  Then again it could be a boon for the manufacturers, making us all purchase new detectors that are  programmed for the new metals that are used. Hmmm, will have to keep an eye on all this…



Always fun to ponder your worth with regards to detecting finds so thought I would post this recent data from Coinflation…..

Melt Values



Well, got the Pug Bug back Friday, and my mechanic was able to fix it for a lot less than originally quoted. Can’t tell you how happy that made me feel…..



Yesterday two of my childhood heroes passed away…. First it was Earl  Weaver and then last night I read about the passing of  Stan Musial. Two names that instantly took me back to a time when all was well with the world.

There were only 16 baseball teams then. Eight in the American League and eight in the National. Words like “designated hitter”, or “middle relief” and “closer”  didn’t exist. A pitcher was expected to pitch 9 innings, and those in the field were expected to play the same, no matter their ailments or physical injuries.

Today if a pitcher can go six innings they demand big salaries, and those that play the field can almost always expect time off due to a hang nail or pimple. I spent many days in Yankee stadium, watching Mickey Mantle “limp” running to first or chasing down a fly ball.  He had a bad leg but played anyway. It was just  how it was…..

It was a time when you collected baseball cards for the challenge, and more importantly for the fun of it. Back then you were not able to buy the whole years’s offering  at once….you had to wait until the baseall cards hit the market, and then you had to buy as many packs as you could, hoping you would find those cards that filled in your  collection for the year, or that finished your “favorite team’s” offerings for the year. What a fun time….

I understand this hasn’t anything to do with metal detecting or treasure hunting. It does, however, have something to do with the age we live in, and how  time changes so many things. I understand research and technology will continue to amaze, but I will always be glad I grew up when I did. It was a fun time and an  era when things were a lot less complicated. I have often heard that period called the “age of innocence” and I have to agree it was indeed.

Earl Weaver and Stan Musial… in peace and thank you for all the fun times….


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One response to “Coinage Composition to Change?

  1. wintersen

    I’m pleased that the car problem was solved Dick, and especially that you feel happier.

    I’m not too worried about the composition of new coins, but the ageing process is rather tiresome and somewhat inconvenient at times. Still trying to drag myself out bed some mornings.

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