The Stout Stance on Archaeologists

My last post “Using a Broad Brush” brought forth a few comments  and I just want to reiterate  my position, my opinion, my take on the potential of finding common ground with the archaeological community…..

As I’ve stated many, many times before, I have no desire to work with archaeologists, nor do I find it some sort of honor to do so.  It’s taken forty years of experience  to come to this conclusion, and I am just tired of their ongoing disdain for what it is we do. I am also disappointed in those detectorists who continue to “grovel and  beg” for acceptance into their small minded world. Then again if you find sticking flags in the ground to your liking, have at it…..

What finds I have made over the years were above board and legal, and I owe the archaeological community absolutely nothing!  Hope that clears things up !




Not a lot to report this time around. Still without a vehicle and it maybe next week before I have one. Apparently the Pug Bug is old enough that getting miscellaneous  parts from the manufacturer is no longer an option. At least that is what my mechanic says….. Instead of one small vent door I am getting the whole AC dash  unit installed to the tune of $1,375.  I keep trying to keep the Pug Bug running, taking very good care of it over the years, and because I cannot afford car payments,  but now I am starting to wonder if that’s a reasonable goal. While I do not have to get out and about, it just bothers me not having a car at my disposal….

An Old Recycled “Pug Bug” Adventure

Fay and I had two pugs, Barnum and Bailey (We lost Bailey a couple of years ago), and they were and are “family” twice-over. Anyway, we used to take them to a  giant indoor flea market in downtown Dallas. It was a monthly event, and every once in a while we would find a bargain. Mostly however it was a day out, and a  chance to give the dogs some exercise.

One Sunday Fay had to work, and I decided to just take Barnum to the flea market for a quick run through. As we entered the gate to Fair Park, where the market  was held, we immediately saw a sign that said “Low Rider Convention”.

No big deal? Well it was for me. I drive a yellow VW Beetle, with a license plate that reads “Pug Bug”, and yes I have one of those big ole sunflowers stuck  in the vase on the dash. That should tell you the feeling of impending doom I had when I saw the low rider sign.

I pulled up to a couple of extremely overweight guys, who spoke very little English, and asked if there was a flea market that day. They took their time,  looked at me, my license plate, the sunflower, and Barnum sitting in the passenger seat next to me, and said sternly NO!! I looked at Barnum and said “Buddy we need to get our asses out of here”.  We quickly turned around, drove home, and I swear Barnum was laughing along with me…..

True story!


Me, Barnum, Bailey and the infamous Pug Bug!



Thanks to Eddy Current for the following article…..

Rains Reveal Treasure

From the BBC

Australian Finds Massive Gold Nugget



Ralph Smith, a musician friend from years ago, shared this one on Facebook, and I thought it was a good read…..

Burro Schmidt Tunnel



Keith Wills sent along the following photo, and thank him for doing so…A classic!

Richard, Keith and Hunter

Richard, Keith and Hunter


Keith said “Left is Richard Ray holding an old Garrett BFO. To the right is a picture of Hunter Pritchett holding an old D-Tex BFO.  I am in the center,  holding two old Fisher BFO’s (one a tube type). We were looking over a map of an area we were going to hunt that evening.

The picture was taken on my front porch many years ago. You know about Richard and his exploits, but Hunter is also of the same mold (found the really big treasures way back when and the government came  after him too). Both are super guys and I’m proud to call them my friends.

Hunter is still alive and getting old like the rest of us. If Hunter was here he would have  to tell you about the time he and I were in Arkansas, and I had to kill a big old rattle snake to dig up two gold coins.  It’s one of his favorite stories.”



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7 responses to “The Stout Stance on Archaeologists

  1. bill from lachine


    To add a bit of twist along the same lines…..I went to Nigel’s Swift’s Heritage Action site and spotted his comments about you and John Howland having pictures of him and Paul Barford that you were handing out. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t possibly post anything coherent or lucid at the time.

    I’m certain there’s a village or town somewhere in the UK that is missing a perfectly good idiot….if you find out which one I suggest you direct them to his website to claim their prize.

    On a more positive note….visiting his website is a very good reality check and reminds all of us that there are crazier people out there than us detectorists.

    Regards + HH

    Bill from Lachine

    • Thanks for taking the time to respond Bill…..indeed they make a great pair. Might make a good cartoon series. We did not however hand out photos, as they imply.

  2. Jessie Thompson

    Good response straight forward Jess

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Liz

    Hi there
    Even the academic world are tired of Paul Barford. Have a look at the link below regarding a Polish archaeological academic publication that Paul Barford contributed to. Scroll down to see the editors notes just after the start.

    It really does illustrate very well Paul Barfords style of personal attacks on all and sundry. Must be an awkward character trait of his that he doesn’t try to control sadly.

    “Mr Barfords contribution to the debate on Polish Archaeology had a much more personal character than could be expect in the case of scholarly discussion”

    Then there is his habit of espousing all manner of his own theories as fact and as a form of propaganda but without any substance or fact based evidence. Again, we see this is not just confined to the usual, but even in academia he fails to provide fact based evidence to support his views.

    ” [Paul Barford] opinions were strongly critical and in the editors view, not supported by convincing factual evidence”

    He no longer works as an archaeologist but still refers to himself as one which says a lot. The word ‘former’ before the word ‘Archaeologist’ must be too painful for him so he still likes to associate, by his choice of word, with those that actually do perform archaeology. It’s a shame really as he really does put the hours in scouring the internet for any little snippet of info he can post on his blog (how he manages a normal home life is beyond me). If only he could put that energy to good use in terms of conservation. But let us not despair for Paul Barford is actually a great advocate………..for his opponents!. The more people see of his deluded blog posts, the more it shows how the world within his mind is a million miles away from the world that the people that DO MATTER live in. Long live Paul Barford!!

  4. bill from lachine

    Well thought out post and thanks for sharing your views…..the man is a dolt….and I’m being generous with my description….actually hater/troll would be a more apt description.

    If I were an archaeologist I would be embarrassed to say the least to consider him part of that community.

    As I pointed on a thread on the Canadian forum…..the sheer volume of metallic objects in the UK alone with 2000 plus years of history would probably require a repository of buildings the size of London to store them all.

    The resources and staff available at present can’t even do proper justice….to catalog, document and and display the various artifacts currently on hand…..

    Insofar as finding time for his family in between his ramblings…..I seriously doubt that he has one….probably lives alone in a basement flat/bunker spouting his hateful venom…..would you wish to spend time with an oaf of this type…..I seriously doubt it….lol.

    Thanks for letting me vent……I feel better now and think I’ll go and sip on a glass of merlot and chill out….heck I might even make a toast to my buddy Dick Stout for allowing me an outlet for my fury.

    Regards + HH


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