Using a Broad Brush…

Butch Holcombe from the American Digger Magazine just forwarded this one to me,  and while I don’t know how current it is, it’s a reminder that we have to be on our toes and ready to respond to those who often paint with a broad brush….


Then I saw this photo, and it somehow made up for the above…..




Thanks to Regton, Ltd. for the following article and link….

Treasure Hunter Strikes Gold


Received this article this morning from a fellow TH’er and thought I would pass it along. Wonder what “professional” was responsible for this screw up?

Loaded Cannon Found in Central Park__



13 years old and in need of tender loving care…..

Did not get out this weekend as hoped….weather was just too cold. Also discovered that after replacing my auto AC system, and radiatior that I now  have no defroster. Suddenly the pug bug is losing it’s chug…what next?



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11 responses to “Using a Broad Brush…

  1. raymond salmons

    Interesting story about the loaded cannon! They are lucky the authorities did not destroy it or confiscate it !

  2. Well, apparently the authorities were not smart enough to know it was dangerous, and went ahead and put it on display.

  3. Bob

    Just think how many kids climed all over it & hit it

  4. wintersen

    A Thief of Time – how that brings back memories of a poster from over 20 years ago (I think) published on a fluorescent orange background by Kentish Archaeology (UK). Like the poster you highlight it was a deliberate distortion of the facts. The illustration of a devil-like figure wielding a detector and carrying a bag of treasures on his back caused quite a stir at the time. Your illustration is quite tame. 🙂

    I like to think that our relationship with archaeologists has improved since those days! Sshhh, don’t let on, but detectorists are now called ‘partners’ in some quarters and even ‘unsung heroes of the UK’s heritage! (Hello Paul).

    Is that a current campaign you highlight or is it also from long ago and by American archaeologists?

    • Remember that post and I believe I added a link to it here. Terrific article and great for the pastime. Must have made the archaeological community quite happy…..

  5. The poster to which JW refers was used by the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) in thier Stop Taking Our Past campaign (STOP) in the ’80’s, and was almost identical to the vile 1940’s anti-semetic propaganda used by Hitler’s Nazis. It’s use highlights the depths to which some so-called educated men (archaeologists) will stoop to smear this hobby. The same reptiles some in our hobby want to be seen co-opertaing with!!

  6. wintersen

    I co-operate with most people I come across, John. It’s my nature.
    Calling people ‘Reptiles’ is quite emotive language. No wonder we are despised and looked down upon by some archaeologists …

  7. I can’t speak for you, but they don’t look down on me, detest me maybe, not because I’m a detectorist, but because they know that a smack on the nose is in the wings if they want to play dirty. I’m not looked down on, but they respect me, albeit grudgingly, and a lot more than those who pay Danegeld. In 34 years I’ve met with, talked to, looked them straight in the eyes and told ’em what I think of ’em and thier shortcomings, and the ghastly propaganda they peddle. When you meet these people one-to-one, they fold like a pack of cards when challenged. That’s why I destest THEM!

    • I stated my position with regards to archaeologists recently on this blog. Suffice to say my experiences have not been good ones. Started when we had FMDAC seminars in Atlantic City in the early 80’s. Invited two (two years in a row) to come and talk about how we could “bridge the gap”. Both came and pretty much talked about their education, their work and how we weren’t really on the same playing field. People in the audience walked out. It’s been down hill ever since…

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