Something to Think About in 2013…

I have no say in this at all, but I hope most of you who visit here will refrain from sharing your finds online, especially the relics. Coins to me  are no big deal, but it seems that whenever we post photos of relics we find ourselves battling city hall and the archaeological community.  I and the majority  of detectorists will always share items of historical interest and always make them known to the local community and/or museum.   It’s the casual find that seems  to garner the attention of our detractors, and it might behoove us to think twice before annoucing them to the world…. The decision, needless to say, is yours  to make.



Received a couple of updates if you will, and wanted to pass them along. The first is from Dave Perry, and it’s an update on the forthcoming Treasure  Fest (see my last update)….

Treasure Fest Update

I received this email from Keith Wills who was passing it along from Wayne “Nuggetbrain” Peterson…..

 WWATS Membership

Keith, no hard feelings, but I just have to add I would find it difficult to send money to someone named “Nuggetbrain”?



Found this article the other day, and wanted to pass it along…..amazing what money can do to friendships.

Staffordshire Hoard Duo  in Fresh Windfall from New Treasure Find



Well it’s only the second week of the new year and I am already trying to get enthused about detecting. Physically it’s definitely more demanding, and I am now beginning to think I am losing it mentally as well. Just can’t seem to get excited anymore, and I need to find out why. Have a couple of sites to check out,  but that ole spark is just not there at the moment. Had a chance to get out today, and opted instead to go to a movie (be sure to see “Zero Dark 30”).

Just waiting for me....

Just waiting for me….

Wondering where I am...

Wondering where I am…

Have went so far as to bench test the MXT Pro some, and came up with a few new settings I want to try, but otherwise just can’t seem to get off my ass and go  do it, and please don’t send me emails encouraging me. I am too old for that sort of thing, and need to get the energy back on my own. What’s worse is that I  know some of you are looking at snow and frozen ground, and would love to be out detecting (remember that very well).

We just had two straight days of heavy rain (over 4 inches), and tomorrow is another… Hopefully Sunday will find my spirit willing, and my new MXT Pro setups  working as I anticipate. Will be sure to share the results, good or bad.


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