The Dumbing Down of America…

I am aware that the metal detecting “realty” shows, Diggers  and  American Diggers are coming back to haunt us,  but Sunday night I discovered that much of the country is being taken over by similar, off-the-wall, “made for stupid people” TV garbageI suddenly realized I have been  living a sheltered life for the past couple of years….

First I must admit that I am not a big TV fan, and my viewing is pretty much limited to sports and the various cooking shows. Sunday night, after watching  the Redskins lose their playoff game, I starting giving the remote a workout, and discovered shows like  “Moonshiners”,   “Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo”, “Storage Wars”,   “Swamp People”, “Gator Boys” and a new one that blew my  mind….“Best Funerals” (Believe it or not it this one is on the “Learning Channel”).

I know these shows have little to do with metal detecting or treasure hunting, but then perhaps they do indirectly. Over the past few years the hobby has become  crowded with very vocal, very selfish, and very lazy participants, as in “if it doesn’t affect me, who cares”.

You also like to show and brag about your finds on the internet, and in the process, help paint big targets on our backs for everyone to see including not just John Q. Public, but  the archaeological community and the TV networks as well. You might call it progress, but I like Forest Gump’s “stupid is as stupid does”….

All of these supposed “reality shows” are becoming the rage because WE  watch them and in the process,  WE encourage the continued promotion of even “dumb, dumb and dumber”…

I had a scary feeling Sunday night skimming through these shows thinking that just maybe the two metal detecting shows that we despise so much are really the best of the lot.  How bad is that?

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11 responses to “The Dumbing Down of America…

  1. John Auld

    Storage Wars had a Fisher detector in a unit. Yes we get Storage Wars this side of the pond, and how about Mudmen sanitised for the mug punter. I was a founder member of the Mudlarks in 1980 having mudlarked since 1973. Fertling John

  2. Like you I am not a tv fanatic, but I do like to watch the history chanel, and I have to agree that reality shows leave a lot to be desired.
    I watched the mudmen , but was not taken in as were most of the viewers, or as John called them (mug punters ) which I think John means.

    • What bothers me is that many of these shows are based on artificial storylines and characters. I understand the need for them to be entertaining, but not absurd. Note that on shows like Storage wars and American Diggers you never see money exchange hands…. All the estimates given are nothing but hypothecial BS.

  3. Joe(TX)

    …I guess that it is our fault on some of the stupid programming….I mean I have been told that if we did Not watch it…. these programs would be canceled….I like History Channel too but felt that they overdid the programming over all of the Prophesies of the Mayan Calendar for December 21st….which did Not happen!!…..Negative Issues and Fear are what sells …just watch the local news or even the National News very seldom do they report on anything that is a Positive!!….

    • Have to agree with the negativity and fear thing. Now we can add supidity to the group with some of the shows I mentioned. Thanks for taking the time to respond Joe….Happy New Year.

  4. Bob

    “stupid is as stupid does”….
    is very well put for the tv’s “reality shows”. Hate to say it, that it can’t any worse, but you say it, and it always happens.

  5. john H

    Hey…loved the Mooonshiners….seems a whole lot betta than beachcombing…yeah, a whole lot betta!

  6. bill from lachine

    I’d rather hang out on the forums and make a pest of myself than watch this mind numbing rubbish… least that way I get to use the few brain cells I have left than waste them on stupid shows….lol.

    Regards + HH


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