New Year’s Wishes & Other BS from Across the Sea…

Howl5John Howland is somewhat pissed in that I didn’t go “tits up” and he will not be receiving any of my detectors, but he did take the time to send along an update.  His latest offering has a little of everything…..wishes for the new year, more insults for his friend in Warsaw, and a bashing of one Simon Thurley, chief executive of  English Heritage. Add in Prince Charles, and he’s covered all the bases.  

To read his latest click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date!



Every so often I get an email from my good friend Eleanor Hube, reminding me that when it comes to metal detecting she still kicks my butt, and most everyone else’s too.  I once wrote an article for Western and Eastern Treasures about Eleanor titled “Eleanor Hube….One of the Grand Dames of Metal  Detecting” (check out the articles link on my website), and at the time I thought that just perhaps Eleanor was going to retire. She was having a couple of medical issues, and  wasn’t sure how much more she’d be able to get out in the field.


That was years ago, and today she is still in the field, still finding treasure and still returning rings….What a gal!! If any of you are ever in her neck of the woods please be sure  to stop in at her shop and say hello. J&E Enterprises has been around a long time, and it’s for a reason.  Great  service, great prices and a willingness to share years of experience. To me Eleanor was, is and will always be “the” Grand Dame of our pastime.  Happy New Year Eleanor!!



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2 responses to “New Year’s Wishes & Other BS from Across the Sea…

  1. Joe(TX)

    Seeing Eleanor Hube brought back some great memories…I did Not know that she is still Kicking Strong …sadly many of her generation have passed….I called her years ago …long before the internet…I was looking for a decent working Compass Judge II…….this was after Compass went out of business…she did Not know me but treated me as if I was a long time customer….very nice and pleasant and although she did Not help me in my quest for finding the Judge II…..she left me with a very pleasant memory and I wish that more of the dealers were like her…..and 15 to 20 years later I feel the same way………

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