Jump-Starting my New Year’s Resolution….

Have never been one to follow through on New Year’s resolutions, but I had it in the back of my mind that I had to get serious about losing weight in the New  Year. What I hadn’t envisioned was getting a jump start on the process by getting sick….

I came down with something nasty (rat bite fever, jungle rot, black death, or something along those lines) on December 27th, and up until today I had absolutely no desire to get out of bed in the morning. The only benefit was that I  have had no appetite for anything at  all.  In fact trying to eat just made things worse, and believe it or not I still haven’t had a glass of red since then either  (I can see Howland rolling on the floor, laughing his ass off).  I kid you not!!

Back to normalcy.....

Back to normalcy…..

While some of the really “beat me down” symptoms have disappeared I still feel extremely tired and weak. A trip to the store yesterday to pick up a pescription was  grueling….everything little thing, from getting a shower, to getting dressed, to driving two blocks to the store, to getting in and out of my car,  just seemed insurmountable. I have never been a ball of fire, but this was and is like nothing I have experienced before. If it’s not the flu it’s one nasty, horrid bug…..

In any case I feel some sense of normalcy (whatever that is?) returning, and wanted to thank you all for the get well wishes. Course there was Howland  wanting one of my detectors if I didn’t survive, and when I shared that with Butch Holcombe, his response? “That’s cold! I hope you get better soon .  PS-If not, can I have your jewelry finds?”

That’s what I love about this pastime, it just brings out the best in people…..



Saw the following on the South Jersey Metal Detecting Club Facebook site, and thought I would pass it along….


To register or learn more click here.



Ron Guinazzo once again has decided to put the hex on all you water hunters by putting together a video showing what he and his friend Mark have found over the past two years.  I really do like these guys, but they are getting on my nerves big time now. No one, and I mean no one, should be allowed this kind of success. Just disgusting.



Just when we thought it was safe to come out of the water, it appears as though we all must face another season of the National Geographic’s  “Diggers” show.  Add in a second season of Spike’s “comedy” series “American  Diggers”, and we are once again back on our heels, trying to defend the absurdity and negativity of what these shows portray.

Dan Sivilich with the BRAVO group has suggested that we combat these shows by boycotting the sponsors, and while I think it’s a great idea  I personally don’t think we have the unified will to do it. We are a splintered group of hobbyists, who like to talk big but it’s almost always hot air, ripe for the moment,  and always short lived.

Dan will be on The Relic Roundup this coming Monday night, and I feel certain this topic will come up. Hopefully you all will  tune in and share your thoughts. Prove me wrong, please……



On the flip side of the coin Scott Mitchen sent me a scheduling update on this new show, and promises it is one worth watching.  I believe Scott is featured  in a show or two down the line…




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10 responses to “Jump-Starting my New Year’s Resolution….

  1. Mike Smith

    Glad to read that you are getting better. Don’t want to lose a treasure like you!
    May the new year bring you health and wealth!

    • Why thanks Mike. Would you do me a favor and tell my wife that I am indeed a treasure? I have been trying to do that for 46 years now to no avail. She prefers the term “ancient artifact”

      Hope 2013 is a great one for you too Mike!.

  2. Joe(TX)

    ….You are a Treasure and an Inspiration to us all…..when you are recovering it is a real good time to do some TH’ing reading and research….do your planning now to figure out what Treasure Hunting Events that you will attend this year….It would be nice to see you at the Texas Treasure Show in April..?? Just a few things to consider……

    Your Fellow Hunter….Joe

    • Wow, thanks Joe. To be honest all you guys hunting today are my inspiration. The finds that I see out there blow my mind. I will indeed take your advice, and do some research, and just maybe you will see me in Longview this April. Happy New Year!

  3. Hope you continue to heal well my friend. Thanks again for the ribbing and mention. Seems I may be in your neck of the woods come February. If it works out I would love to take you and your lovely {saint of a wife) who has an eye for artifacts! for dinner and drinks. If she doesn’t want to be seen with the two old guys we can go alone also! LOL

  4. Good to read that your’e up and about…so I won’t be looking for the postman with a package about the size of a Spectrum. Did you know Maggs calls me her little treasure; mainly because her friends ask, “Jeez, where did you dig him up from?”

    Happy New Year to all.

  5. QM

    glad to hear your on the mend dick

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