Enter the Grinch from Christmas past…


John Howland has seen fit to bless Stout Standards three days before Christmas with a few words, and I thank him for taking a break from his holiday binge  (spending a holiday with him must be something…cannnot imagine). John finds a reason to celebrate any day or event, let alone the big one. In any case if you are  so inclined to read his latest, simply click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date.  If you want to respond to his comments just do so here on the home page…..


Also, because it’s Christmas, let me add this… Over the past year I have characterized John as a half-wit, a drunk, a foul-mouthed, uncouth, tastless individual  and I often belittled him. It’s time now that I set the record straight and be upfront with all of you. All those things I said?



If you are in the midst of a cold, nasty winter, but still thinking about detecting, here are a few things that just might keep you

    • Clean your detector’s housing and coil, take the batteries out, and store it.
    • Make it your goal to find and locate NEW places to take your detector when the weather breaks
    • Spend some time at your local Library and become friends with the reference person there.
    • Join the local Historical Society. Absolutely a must do….
    • Find out where the senior citizens hang out in your town or locale and then pick their brains.
    • Drive the back roads in your area, looking for possible sites/clues.
    • Take the Internet for all it’s worth, and put in every imaginable key word you can think of that might relate to your area and treasure.
    • If you are not now a member of a club, seek one out in your area, OR how about starting one?
    • Clean your keepers from 2010, and if valuable, put them in a safe place.
    • Clean your clad, cash them in, and purchase a key or semi-key coin that will increase in value.
    • Check out a few of the research links I have posted here.
    • Reread the owner’s manual that came with your detector. Then read it again…..
    • Spend a few evenings bench testing your detector, especially if it has an ID readout.
    • Pull out a few of those old TH’ing books or magazines and reread them.
    • Go through your UMO’s(unidentified metal objects) and give them a second look. You might have a worthwhile relic on your hands and not know it.



More on Staffordshire Hoard

Medieval Pendant Found by 4 Year Old



Not sure if I will post anything more before Christmas day, but if not, remember that the finest treasure in life is already yours. Spend time with your family,  your friends and remember there are many who are not so fortunate. Whatever problems you may have are very minor compared to others. Enjoy this Christmas, give thanks,  for all you have, and I hope your next big treasure is just a beep away…..



(PS: The Merry Christmas banner above is actually a photo of searchcoil windings taken at the White’s factory…..)



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4 responses to “Enter the Grinch from Christmas past…

  1. Robbie

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family ( and that includes your pugs– of course!)
    And that goes also to all the Stout Standard readers.

  2. You have a way of rubbing it in Robbie…. have a feeling today might have been my last chance to get out for a few days. At least if the forecast holds.

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