The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts…

Got thinking about my being a guest on the Relic Roundup the other night, and realized that I had a lot of notes, some scribbled, some neatly printed, that never got addressed. No fault of the program host for sure. Just the result of  only an hour show, call-ins, commercials and a glitch here and there.  There are, in my mind, so many issues that need to be addressed, discussed, and dealt with, and I wonder if they ever will be….

For whatever reason our hobby is always in a state of flux.  Always a fuzzy picture of who we are collectively, and seemingly a group of people who endorse the “every man for himself” theory. We seem to find ways to shoot ourselves in the foot when it matters most, and then move on, waiting for the next opportunity to do it again.  Our apparent main objective?  Outdoing the competition, and stopping at nothing to accomplish that, never mind the public’s view of how we go about it.

While I have no idea of how many of us there are in the country, I do think we are a large enough group to affect changes when needed IF we had some functional, professional group to represent us, and IF we weren’t a group of selfish, penny-pinching individuals. If you take offense at being called cheap, sorry.  It’s true. You will spend your hard-earned cash to purchase a top of the line detector, a digging tool, a sand scoop, or a camera to wear on your head, but if asked  to contribute $50 a year to promote, protect and preserve your pastime, you  turn a deaf ear..

Spend some time on the many hobby related websites and forums. Take note of which topics garner the most responses. Very few, if any, deal with areas being closed to detecting, or similar efforts that threaten the future of our pastime. I know it’s not a fun thing to “chat” about, but that’s where a national organization would come in. Right now we “supposedly” have the FMDAC, the  TASK FORCE, WWATS, and hell, let’s throw in the PLP, and the GPA.

Maybe it’s time for all of them to sit down, join forces under a single banner, and speak as one…..

Right now we seem to be more concerned with tomorrow’s hunt, tomorrow’s finds, and tomorrow’s new product, unaware that the other side is actively  working hard to put all of us out of business. Will we make the necessary changes, or will just be a group of people who metal detect, and who only care about what WE find, not what our fellow detectorists are facing or fighting.



Received the following update on the forthcoming WWATS event from Keith Wills and wanted to share it here. This just might be a good  time for the various organizations to meet and come together? Just a thought….



I must apologize for not acknowledging Bob Sickler and his artwork (the banner on this blog).  A lot of you asked about it, and how I came up with it. Bottom line? I didn’t. My old friend  Bob simply did it for me because he wanted to, and I want to thank him here for doing so.

Bob has worked for many of the metal detector manufacturers over  the years, doing graphics, catalogs, logo’s etc., and his book “The Detectorist” is without a doubt one of the best metal detecting books on the market.



I check out my Warsaw pal’s blog from time to time, and it’s sad to see someone so consumed with hatred toward those of us who metal detect.  Mr. Barford let me suggest reading Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” and

Merry Christmas from all us tekkies!



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7 responses to “The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts…

  1. We have tried to fight government with a lobbyist and in the end, after taking our money, she quit and said she couldn’t fight them anymore. They have bigger pocket books and the state government and the indian nations behind them. So here in Wisconsin we just continue to go on without anything being done.

    Kenny Briggs
    President Three Seasons Treasure Hunters LLC

  2. Mike Smith

    It is the LACK of COMMUNICATION that is one of our biggest problems.

    Right now the FMDAC does not even have a website (your link above takes you to an old site) and most members have not heard from them in a couple years. Hope Mark will change that but it will take time to rebuild.

    I signed up to the Alert system for theTaskForce and have not heard from them since (May 2012). Heard that they have (had) a large money donation this year. Does anyone know what they are using it for?

    WWATS was quiet while Keith was hospitalized but maybe Wayne will change that now that he is President.

    Lack of Communication is a big problem, we live in this age of email, tweets, facebook, forums and not one of these organizations use these effectively.

    PLP is mainly for California prospecting problems and the GPAA is just a club not a organization to fight metal detecting problems.

    • Hi Mike, thanks for taking the time to comment, and you are right on the money with your remarks. Not sure how any of these organizations can get people enthused “again” after failing to stay in touch with their members. I hope I am wrong however…..

  3. I think Mike Smith has it about right; lack of communication coupled to a lack of will by hobbyists to defend thier position. The catalyst will come when the arkies persuade some State law-makers to ban outright the hobby and they are not far from having thier puppets in State legislatures from achieving this.

    Though I hate to say it, a State or two needs to ban the hobby outright, then, we MIGHT see some action. Until then, the US hobby is firmly in the hands of the arkies and not the hobbyists.

    Scrap the FMDAC and start again .

  4. Robbie

    Dick, Did you know that Bob Sickler is also back as the webmaster of the Nokie Edwards Fan Club website??

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