Last Night’s Relic Roundup…

I really enjoyed doing the American Digger Magazine’s Relic Roundup Show, and my only regret  was that we didn’t get to tackle a few areas that I wanted to address. Then again I appreciated hearing from a few old friends who kindly called in to say  hello, and to share a few stories from years ago….

The first caller Dan Sivilich was a delegate to the FMDAC way back when, and is now  involved with the  BRAVO  organization, still doing a  lot to promote our efforts. The next caller, Scott Mitchen  shared the time he accidentally pulled a chair out from under Charles Garrett’s wife at one of the FMDAC banquets in Atlantic City. It was one of  the first times he spoke before a large crowd, and needless to say, helping Eleanor Garrett up off the floor wasn’t in his plans!

Butch Holcombe

Butch Holcombe

Then Mark Schuessler and Denny Morrison were nice enough to call in and say hi, and it was good hearing their voices again. Mark is now the new president of the  FMDAC, and is in the process of reorganizing the group. Looking forward to hearing more about this after the first of the year. If anyone can bring back some life to the  FMDAC it’s Mark. I have known Mark for close to 35 years, and he is a “do’er” and was always available to help out the cause. I wish him luck.

Many thanks to Butch Holcombe, Dwayne Anderson and Jeff Lubbert for having me on the show, and I hope I get a reinvite so that we can discuss those  other areas that we didn’t have time to get to. For those of you who weren’t able to listen in you can hear the podcast by clicking   HERE.



Shortly after the show last night I got an email from Ron saying he was tied up and was only able to listen to the last ten minutes of the show.  I am hoping that maybe Butch, Dwayne and Jeff will consider inviting Ron to be a guest on Relic Roundup. Would certainly be a great show. Ron just posted the following on his FB page,  and I am anxious to hear more about what’s in the works…

“Well it has been a long time coming but I signed the contract today. Mark and I are starting a new project, more info as soon as I can.  Probably spring or early summer”.

Whatever the “project” is, given the success of the “Lucky Muckers” show it should be great…. To learn more about Ron check out his website by clicking   here.

Always thought it was cool to simply be known as “Chicago Ron”….how many other people can lay claim to a moniker like that?  I thought about working on something  similar, but “Dallas Dick” somehow doesn’t work (forget commenting Howland).  On the  British Metal Detecting website I have already been labeled “John’s Dick” because of my association with  John Winter, and I am now thinking seriously about using “Richard” a little more.  Can’t win for trying….



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8 responses to “Last Night’s Relic Roundup…

  1. Thanks for the kind words Dick. If anyone wants to watch Lucky Muckers it is now on you tube .
    As far as a catchy name I kind of like Dallas Dick, or Texas Relic Richard. LOL Thanks for what you do! Listening to the show now.

  2. Interesting and worthy podcast Dick … I reckon the dogs should have been given a credit at the end.

    Whatever you do, don’t put ‘Stout Dick’ into a search engine … 🙂

  3. Sorry ole pal…but wasn’t there an educational biology film called ‘Dick Does Dallas’ or something like that? I think it was a prequel to the Old Age Pensioner epic, ‘Winter does Washington.’ However, ‘Howland Does Houston’ has been cancelled due to over-subscription by young, nubile, nymphs gagging to meet the Deepseeker.

    Bet you don’t approve this …ho ho!

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