Update from a pub somewhere in the UK hinterlands…

John Howland saw the need to verbalize his feelings once again (always a scary thing), and if you are the least bit interested in what the sot has to say, click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date….


 And yes the photo is doctored ….no woman would ever waste her time gazing at John Howland…..



Received the following information from Keith Wills today about the group’s forthcoming event in Arizona, February of next year.  If you are interested in attending  be sure to save the following event information…




Over the years I have routinely received the monthly newsletter of the Shore Seeker Artifact & Recovery Club out of  Salisbury, Maryland. I have fond memories of the people in this club from when I was living on the East coast, and I love their newsletter, especially their monthly hunt activities. They mimic  many of the UK clubs, in that they meet monthly at a predetermined site and spend an entire day detecting. Their sites, again like the Brits, are large farm fields, and  they work hard at obtaining permission to not only hunt them, but to keep an ongoing relationship with the landowners…

It’s a great idea for comraderie, and I would like to see other clubs do the same. The area doesn’t have to be the site of a battle, old homesite, old school or  old church. Just a few acres of land that might hold a find or two, and that allows for a group to hunt, socialize and have fun (and do not underestimate the potential for interesting finds).



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