More Treasure from the Trash…

Spent a good part of yesterday going through my boxes of UMO’s, (a term the late Joe Cook coined) junk jewelry and wheats, and came up with a few gems I didn’t know I had. I highly recommend this task to those of you who might find yourself wintered in….

Apparently over the years I was in too much of a hurry to get back in the field to really look at many of the items I found, or then again maybe it’s because  I was much too into coins….not sure which. In any case going through the junk jewelry items I found 18 rings, a couple gold, the rest silver, and a load of buttons to check out.  Again, have never been keen on collecting buttons, but after seeing a few from the relic websites, it’s probably worth my time to research them. That takes care  of another day for sure.

Jewelry items found

Jewelry items found

Class Ring

Class Ring

I also found a class ring from The Academy of Notre Dame in Philadelphia, class of 1950, with initials. Not sure how that got by me and into the junk box, but I just sent  off an email to the school to see if they might be able to provide a name or address. Will let you know how that turns out…. The band on the ring was cut, and  perhaps that was why it wound up where it did….

I also found a class ring from The Academy of Notre Dame in Philadelphia, class of 1950, with initials. Not sure how that got by me and into the junk box, but I just sent  off an email to the school to see if they might be able to provide a name or address. Will let you know how that turns out…. The band on the ring was cut, and  perhaps that was why it wound up where it did….

Buttons from 1 of 8 junk boxes

Buttons from 1 of 8 junk boxes

Also came across a few silver religious medals, and one of the rings just might be inset with a diamond. Not sure about that though. A few of the stones on  the side are missing, but the ring is 14k. Another interesting item was a small urn, and it appeared to have an inscription on the bottom and a date.  After looking closer it read “Vantine”, and the number was 1007. A quick “Google” search told me it was an old incense burner, but it’s missing the top part. It was  selling for anywhere from $30 to $60 on the internet, so I suppose another day will be spent going through the junk boxes  looking for the lid. Amazing what you can amass after 40 years……

Incense Holder

Incense Holder

Also discovered I had two more shoe boxes of wheaties in the garage…..more sorting and time for a better magnifier loop, especially with a lot of the more recent error  coins coming to light…



Thanks to the “I’m a Detectorist and I Vote” Facebook site for bringing to light the following situation. Seems to me to be extremely discriminatory,  especially since no one person has been singled out, and also because the city has no laws pertaining to metal detecting. What’s your take on this?

Signs Expected to be Posted

Love these comments…”A Civil War battle occurred in the area of the park and Phillips said a “very expensive piece” was dug up in the park recently.”  ….no specifics given?  Then he continues with the ole standby “what’s in the ground stays in the ground.”

Willing to bet an archaeologist has this guy’s ear…..just a guess, but I’m thinking it’s a pretty darn good one.



While scouring the boxes above I also found an envelope containing a few Roman finds from back in the 80’s. Wondering if anyone can ID for me…. very little detail however.  To see these coins please visit my website. This WordPress blog is not user friendly when it comes to posting multiple photos… Click on “Latest News” and scroll down to today’s date.

The obverse, or what I believe to be the obverse, is on the left, and the reverse on the right. Any help would be  appreciated. Most important approximate date or era….



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8 responses to “More Treasure from the Trash…

  1. raymond salmons

    I wish I had junkboxes like yours !!!!!! let me know if you want to throw any thing away!!!!!

    • Ray, I saved everything I found in the beginning, good or bad, and much of what I thought was bad looks pretty good now that the price of gold and silver is so high…. Same with coins. There are a lot of varieties out there now that didn’t exist in the 70’s….

  2. Robbie

    Banning metal detecting because some detectorist located a artifact from a park area…a relic that had been in the ground for almost 150 years with nobody knowing or careing about it– is just idiotic !!! Now that a relic has been retreived from a public park area that hundreds of people use for many recreational activities, who some,by chance, leave pounds of paper, metal trash and their pets waste behind, they want to ban the metal detectorist. A detectorist who takes away and removes paper and metal items found while searching for lost coins and jewelry, leaving the area cleaner than it was beforehand. What recreational activity will they ban next??? The pet walkers, joggers,bicycle riders, frisbee throwers, baseball players, picnicers…who will it be ?

    • You are correct Robbie. I wrote the council and this was the response I received. Suspect a lot more will get involved as the days go on…

      Thanks for your comments. I truly understand your feelings on the subject and up until this last incident came up I totally agreed with you. In fact my first suggestion was to let it be “metal detected” by permit only. I have talked to two gentlemen who would hunt the park from time to time and I saw no problem with it. These two fine men would turn ANYTHING that they found in, and I have a box of stuff that I am planing a shadow box for now to display at the town hall to prove it. They like yourself, do it for the shear thrill of the hunt.

      There was a battle in Funkstown during the retreat from Gettysburg and 475 men where hurt or wounded in this fight. So the problem came when another person was hunting the town park and found a civil war musket. That person was telling people about where he found it and would not turn it over to the town who is the rightful owners of the artifact since it was found on their property and it is part of their history. Then I discovered that another man found a breast plate which had the same results.

      So my friend it was not an arbitrary ban that we made, it was based on the dishonest people that takes a good thing and ruins it for everyone. Believe me if there where more honest people like your self we would not need half of the rules that we have on the books. I do hope you see our side of this discussion as we are proud of our history in Funkstown and do not mind sharing it with everyone as we are a very small town. But when you have people that are going out and taking parts of it and keep it for them selfs, that part we cannot share with anyone and in due time it is lost.

      Who is to say this ruling will stand for ever? The right group may come in to the town and make a good hard case for hunting this area and agree to turn over their findings to the town and get approval, but until that day comes along there will be no hunting in the town park for now.

      Rich Gaver
      Town Council Member

      • raymond salmons

        They should do what Carthage Missouri did….hold a metal detecting day, promote it like crazy then any relics found be donated to the city with the finders name!

  3. Ha ! We have council member who it seems has already taken the archaeological male member….we’ve been stuffed for years thanks to people like you swallowing whole, the arkie propaganda, enjoy the ride !!!!

  4. My apologies old pal. When I re-read the blurb I realised that it read ‘wrong’. It should have read…”people like them swallowing whole the arkie propaganda, enjoy the ride.” Factually, you have been at the cutting edge of defending this hobby and my apologies for making it appear otherwise.

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