Technological Overload….More than I can handle….

Every morning after breakfast I make the trek upstairs to check my email, and whatever else the PC has in mind for me.  Usually it’s comments or likes from something I  posted on Facebook, or it’s a comment about my blog. Lately however I am getting requests to download “apps”, check out  friends on Linkedin, Twitter away my day, or join someone on Google+, whatever the hell that is.

Amazingly I did sign up for Linkedin when I lost my job last year, but apparently no one noticed my skills as a “Independent Wine and Spirits Professional”.  At least no  one has called to hire me yet (for the record I am still looking for a job like that).

Whenever I click on some of these requests/links I see things like “especially good for smart phone apps”, and often the people who are sending me these things  have taken the liberty of already adding my name to whatever the program is?  Can I please set a few things straight?

I do not have a smart phone. I am not smart, and do not need one, nor can I afford one. The cell phone I have works perfectly fine, and will suffice if I have an  emergency on the road (the only reason I even own a cell phone). Likewise I use it so seldom that I have accumulated so many minutes that AT&T has given up counting them. Next  I don’t need to learn another program, app, or method of contact. I am perfectly happy with the phone, email and the internet. Everything else is just more of the same, no matter what you call it.Fay and I are also avid readers but we prefer “books” not Nooks, Kindles, Kobos, pinatas, whatever ….you know. those bound paper products that have pages, and written text.  You see I like collecting books, and adding them to my book shelves, and if I leave a book on a plane, I can get another for a minimal cost. If I leave one of those other electic “thigamajigs” on the plane I am out quite a few bucks.

Lastly, I do not plan on putting a camera on my head, and taking movies of my metal detecting forays in the field. I do it for my enjoyment, not that of others. Plus I doubt very much that anyone would  want to watch me spend ten minutes of getting to the kneeling positon, and fifteen more trying to stand upright again. A detector, headphones, digging tool and apron are all  I need, although a walker may well be become part of my arsenal pretty soon.

How far we have come.......

How far we have come…….

Trust me, I can appreciate all the new things that are out there. Just don’t sign me up. It’s all I can do to set the sprinkler system to automatic, or the clocks after  a power outage. In the meantime you play with your I phone, I pad, GPS, Google plus, Android, Linkedin and whatever else turns you on. Just leave me out please?



Iron Age Bronze Helmet Found



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8 responses to “Technological Overload….More than I can handle….

  1. Mike Smith

    I am with you! I use the same cell phone I purchased in 1999. It receives calls and makes calls and that is all I need.
    Plus I do not need to broadcast my thoughts, what I am purchasing, what I am looking at and reading about, to big brother!
    What did we do before all this electronics! We had a life!

  2. And we had more money in our pockets….. thanks Mike.

  3. wintersen

    My heart bleeds for you Dick. Old folk like you just cannot keep up with the relentless pace of communications technology … and that’s a shame. But I detect (unintentional pun) just a little hyperbolic rhetoric in your latest offering – rather refreshing to be sans JH, though!

    You bemoan the fact that you can’t do this, don’t understand that and exhort people to just leave you alone to fester and yet the truth is rather different.

    Your missive today tells how you check your email, call in to see what people are saying about you on Facebook as well as checking for comments on your blog. All this indicates a technical guru far beyond any technological league of which I may be a member.

    I know that you also understand arcane computer languages, communicate with friends on Skype who reside in England, Poland? and other remote places around the globe. I’m also looking forward to the podcast you are about to make. Could go on, but won’t.

    Stop moaning, man! If Fay ever starts a collection for a Zimmer Frame (Walker) then I regret to say that I won’t be contributing. What you need is a good kick up the arse.

    Sometimes, (me Ma used to say), you have to be cruel to be kind!

    • “All this indicates a technical guru far beyond any technological league of which I may be a member?”

      Hardly John, and as for the podcast on the 17th, they call me on the phone and I talk to them. Not exactly high tech on my part.

      Lastly, you do know that mentioning JH will only bring him on here that much quicker, and he will surely be more cruel than you.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment (I think?)

  4. Actually, old boy, I’m on your side. Whilst the masses are slaves to the mobile gooseberry or whatever else they call these things, not me, and never was, even during my days in publishing. I worked on the premise that if ‘they’ wanted you badly enough they’d find you! And when they couldn’t, someone else would have do whatever the job was.

  5. Thanks John Howland. Have a feeling you would still like to kick my “arse” just for the fun of it.

  6. Bob Kerr

    l agree. I have a pre-paid cell for emergency only (to call the wife to pick me) as she knows where l’m at what & l’m doing, and a camera ( to take pictures of my finds which are less & less now days). It’s not that l can’t keep up with the technology. I Just flat don’t want or need it.

    Still waiting for the podcast and if you don’t care, let me know when where the kicking starts.

    Dick l wish you & fay a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. More rain than you had last year anyway…..

    • Thanks Bob, nice to know I am not the only one…. The podcast will be the 17th, American Digger Relic Roundup. As for the kicking, I’ll let you know.

      Hope you and yours also have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!

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