An Attempt to tug at your heart strings….

This post has nothing at all to do with metal detecting but it does have a lot to do with treasure hunting, as in finding someone who will  enrich your life beyond belief. I suspect you all know how much I love my dogs, and for that matter, all animals. Our two pugs, and those that came before,  have given us an outlook on life that we never could have imagined. We now cannot imagine living without them..

Fay and I have had various pets over the years….you name them. Hamsters, Guinea pigs for the kids, and dogs and cats. We loved them all, and they made  our lives that much richer. We now have Barnum and Mollie. Barnum is 11 years old, fawn in color, and my best friend. Mollie, is black, three years old, and  Fay’s best friend.

Mollie & Barnum....

Mollie & Barnum….

We adopted Mollie from the Dallas/Fort Worth Pug Rescue Program, and they had rescued her from a “puppy mill” in Oklahoma. She was only two years old,  underweight, afraid of males and had already delivered two litters. It took me a year a half to gain her trust and respect. She would run if I approached,  and she would never let me pick her up. All that has changed now, and we are the best of friends.

If you have never had a dog or cat in your life, now is the perfect time to consider it. While no kill shelters are becoming more numerous, most town and  city shelters will euthanize when their census builds to capacity. These are living, breathing, creatures, who deserve to live a decent life just like you  and I, and through no fault of their own, have wound up there because someone just didn’t care.

I was going to say I am sorry that I have hijacked a metal detecting site to post this, but I will not. Bring someone new into your life and give them a home,  a bed to sleep in, a meal or two a day. Take them for a walk every once in a while, and you will have found the best and most loyal friend you could have ever  imagined. And without a doubt he or she will be one of the greatest treasures you ever found!




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11 responses to “An Attempt to tug at your heart strings….

  1. shutterpug

    Great entry! From…. Mollie Sue

  2. Great post Dick ( I mean it!) …Jeez reminds me of how Maggs came into my life…. now if we could train them to dig……

  3. Harry

    Hi Dick; I have rescued 5 Labrador retrievers. The last two were farm labs and were killing chickens. The yellow was caught stampeding calves. The black lab was caught 2 years later also killing chickens. I read about her for 5 weeks, went to the humane society, and bought her home. They love each other and us.

    I knew a Paws with a Cause retiree who died of cancer. He was a great friend, but could not stop watching me every second, which told me he adopted me as his master to care for future dogs. It pays to rescue..

    I also evaluate dogs for the local Paws trainer here in Pittsburg,Pa. and volunteer wrapping gifts at the mall at Christmas time. Have a nice Christmas. Harry Niemeyer, dog lover

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Harry, great to hear from you, and glad to know you too care so much about dogs. If people ever knew what kind of conditions many of these rescue dogs faced early in their life it would cause them to stop and think.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.

  4. raymond salmons

    i’ve never adopted an animal but they adopt me !!!!! 1 dog and 1 cat

  5. bill from lachine

    Certainly no need to apologize for taking care of our 4 legged friends….because both me and my wife worked we’ve had pretty much just cats over the years…..only one from the pet shop and the other 5 or so were either lost or abandoned…..

    They certainly add another dimension to your life and are well worth the effort.

    Regards + HH


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