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The Price of our passion….

I referred you two days ago to John Winter’s post which started off with “for many detectorists the act of buying a new machine far outweighs  the thrill of actually doing the hobby” , and I decided to weigh in on this topic as well…. Continue reading


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John Repa….a true treasure

It’s been a while since I heard from John Repa, but yesterday I received an email from him, and it made my day. John is one of those unsung heroes, who does  so much for the cause, but in the process, does not get the recognition he deserves. Let me tell you about John if I may…. Continue reading


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A must read from John Howland….

I found the most recent submission from John Howland to be quite interesting, and it goes a long way in making the case that we are subject to a different set  of laws or values, depending on who is doing the talking…..something we must always keep in mind when defending out right to pursue our pastime without  interference from others. Continue reading

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No repreive from Mother Nature…

As if the Eastern seaboard hasn’t been battered enough, today they are dealing with another Nor’easter, this time bringing snow and high winds. Many in the Northeast  are still without power, inlcuding my family in New Jersey. Continue reading

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World’s largest treasure book catalog…..

Years ago I always looked forward to Paul Tainter’s “Research Unlimited” catalog of treasure books and publications. It was extensive, and I referred to it often. It  was “The” catalog to have if you were into treasure hunting. I once remember checking off titles that I wanted to order, only to find out that when I totalled up  the cost, it was in the hundreds. I finally settled for ordering a few at a time…. Continue reading


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Go for it Butch…..


I am very pleased to hear that The American Digger magazine has taken this action, and completely understand their reasoning. This show  has never been anything more than a joke, and everyone involved in the pastime recognizes it. Continue reading


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Not everything is black or white….

I have thought about bringing up the following topic for sometime now, but always talked myself out of it, thinking I might come off as bigoted or racist.  I can assure you, I am not! I want to present it now, and hope that I can do it in a thought provoking way, and that you will consider taking part in the discussion  by replying via a response on my blog. Continue reading


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