More Musings from the Malamute Saloon….

The Lordship decided to grace Stout Standards with a smattering of thoughts, opinions, and the usual pissing and moaning (so what else is new?).  John usually writes when the spirit moves him, and the spirits seem to be in abundance this time of the year, especially those wondrous single malts.

If you are up to it you can read his latest  by  clicking on the Malamute Saloon above and scrolling down to today’s date…..



Given a beautiful Fall day, and knowing that the masses of crazies would be out shopping, I decided to take a short drive over the lake and give  my “standby” school yard a check… usually gives up a silver coin or two, and today was no exception. Using my MXT Pro and the  5 inch Eclipse coil, I came home with a few coins, two of which were silver. A 1943 quarter, and a 1943D Merc…..

My finds from today…..

I have always been amazed at how Mercury dimes seem to keep their detail, and the one today was no exception. The bands on the reverse were complete,  and all the other prerequisites made this one grade at least XF. Nice coin…..

Must admit that after about 30 minutes it was becoming more difficult to get down and up, and the back was killing me. Today was quite windy,  and while I am reluctant to share this, at one point when I was trying to get back up, I was blown over by a gust of wind. So glad there was no one around  to see this….. I was actually laughing and cursing at the same time.



Was going through a few of my coins last week, looking for semi-key’s and errors, all of which have shot up in price since last I looked. In any case  I came across an old Liberty Seated dime that I found years ago, and decided to share it here. It’s an 1876 Seated dime, and the reverse was altered to  accommodate someone’s whimsy….


Altered Reverse

The reverse appears to be initials, and perhaps those of the one altering the coin, or maybe a girlfriend? Just another one of those mysteries that come from  playing in the dirt.



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6 responses to “More Musings from the Malamute Saloon….

  1. raymond salmons

    Awesome finds Mr Stout! Glad you didn’t get injured getting blown over, and that 1876 dime is a prime example of a love token ! Congrats !!!!

  2. John H

    Call me an old cynic, but in most bloke’s experience a Love Token is normally anything above a $100 Bill! Try giving a gal a dime these days!!!!

  3. John H

    Shame on you Richard: Are you sugesting that some of the female of species see men as some kind of cash cow? Surely not? But it’s odd though, how some twenty-year old exotic dancers seem to fall in love with ninety-year old guys who just happen to be trillionaires, as opposed to the guys who empty the trash cans.

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