National Metal Detecting Day…2013

I was just reading about the Minelab National Metal Detecting Day 2013, and while no one asked, I would like to throw  out a few ideas and suggestions.

I first became aware of the 2012 event because I was a big fan of the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights,  an organization that Minelab had promoted and supported financially. After I started promoting the Task Force they made me aware of the Minelab Atlantic City event  labeled as The East Coast Research and Discovery Association’s “4th Time’s a Charm Hunt”, and my first question was, “will the other manufacturers be participating?  I was told yes they would. When the event took place it was just Minelab…..

I then learned that Minelab, through it’s distributor, was donating 11 metal detectors to this Atlantic City event, and was also paying for lunch, dinner and other  prizes. I was curious about that in that we all know that hunt packages are pretty much the norm anymore, and I understand where they are coming from in doing that.  But 11 detectors, plus additional prizes, and meals to boot? There was no way any of the other manufacturers were going to be included.

So ultimately the big national Weekend was strictly a Minelab media event, and in case you didn’t notice it was timed to coincide with their  release of their new CTX 3030 metal detector.

From what I heard the event went extremely well, and everyone who participated had a great time. It was certainly a big marketing coup for Minelab, and as someone  who was a director of marketing years ago, I admired how they had organized it and made it happen.

Now, having said all this, my hope is that any future “National” metal detecting events become all inclusive.  By that I mean why not invite all the manufacturers,  make it a truly unified, national promotion for metal detecting, and why not come up with a way that a portion of the money paid in is donated to a worthy charity on  behalf of the enitre metal detecting pastime and it’s participants?

I offer all this not because I am anti-Minelab. I am not. They make a fine product, and I love the idea of a “National Metal Detecting Day or Weekend”.  I just think the PR that could come from a truly “united effort” would be powerful, and do a lot for our image throughout the world, and most certainly help  everyone, not just those detectorists who live on the East and West coasts.

Lastly no matter what happens I still appreciate Minelab getting something like this started and thank them for their support of the pastime.

Okay now, everyone shoot me down…..



As I was putting together the recent slide shows for the Atlantic City events I came across a couple of photos of Ron Womer, and his friend Lucy Mancini. Ron  was the only other detectorist I knew way back when I started out. In fact in the 70’s it was unusual to see anyone else with a detector in my area.

I first ran into Ron in Ringoes, New Jersey, at an old school there, and needless to say we struck up a conversation, and agreed to meet again and detect together. You have no idea how much fun it was to share stories with another TH’er during those years. He was indeed my very first detecting buddy and we had a  lot of fun over the months ahead. The result of our meeting was the formation of the Mid-Jersey Research and Recovery  Club in Trenton, New Jersey, and I am pleased to say they are still going strong today.

Ron and Lucy, FMDAC event, mid 80’s

I hadn’t heard from Ron in some time, and had learned that he dropped out of the club after Lucy Passed away. The two were inseparable, and I knew for sure  it had to be hard on Ron. They were the apparent “match made in heaven”.  A couple days ago I decided to call information to see if there was a listing for  Ron.  There was, and I immediately recognized the name of the street he lived on after the operator mentioned it. I called, and I cannot tell how  much fun it was to chat with him after so many years…about 25 to be exact.

He is not detecting due to medical issues, but still sounded like the same old Ron, getting out and spending time at the senior center  near his home, and helping out others. As we chatted stories and memories were relived, and it seemed time really hadn’t passed us by. The sites were ripe, the old silver coins were  plentiful and life was good.

I have no particular reason for bringing all this up except I want it noted here on Stout Standards that Ron was a do’er, and did a lot for this pastime volunteering his time over and over again. I will forever be indebted to him, and will never forget our times together. If you have or had a detecting buddy then you know what  I am talking about. I was privileged to have a couple more along the way, and each added to the fun and enjoyment of this pastime and to my life as well.

I would gladly share Ron’s email if he had a computer, but he does not. If you are interested in contacting Ron, email me and I will pass along  his phone number …..Ron, stay well, thanks for all you’ve done, and for being my friend.



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4 responses to “National Metal Detecting Day…2013

  1. raymond salmons

    I participated in the Carthage Missouri metal detecting day, and had a great time! I think that all metal detector manufacturers should get in on this great opportunity! Other than treasure magazines and an occasional advertisement on TV, I never see any info about metal detectors or detecting in general. This way it would get a lot of attention and help get the word out on this great hobby!

  2. Larry "Packrat" Bateham

    Thanks for the update on Ron. We wrote back and forth in late 80’s and early 90’s on Federation stuff first, and later just in general. Met him when I went to AC in 1990 (when I was forming the Northwest chapter). He and Lucy picked me up at the airport and took me to dinner….stayed with him before and after the convention.

    Later he and Lucy came to Reno when the convention was there. Great couple! Lost touch with him, and often wondered if he was still around. He was an honorary member of the Northwest treasure hunters club for many years. Thanks for an update on an old friend and great guy!

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