Paul Barford….selective reporting!


Was just reading one of Mr. Barford’s recent posts, and see that he found a few “useful items” to support his ongoing efforts to denigrate the  metal detecting pastime. Too bad he didn’t have the courtesy to share the source, nor the comments associated with them (see my November 15th post).

 I know precisely when  he visits Stout Standards, and he can deny this all he wants. No big deal actually…. I will be sharing more about this this seedy  individual soon, and I  too will not divulge my sources. Stay tuned….



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3 responses to “Paul Barford….selective reporting!

  1. John H

    The question that must be asked of PB’s selective reporting (and bearing in mind his biased, and innacurate, anti-detectorist propaganda) is: Are his own excavation reports, works, even his books, similarly contaminated with his ability to gild the lily? He appears to be more than adept with that the old archaeological chestnut of selecting a viewpoint then shepherding innuendo, masquerading as ‘facts,’ towards it?
    He’s been rumbled.
    Nevertheless, along with his dopey old sidekick, at Heritage Fiction, he provides excellent sport!

  2. Robbie

    Looks like Mr. “slanted facts” doesn’t report on “artefacts” that are stolen by archaeologists from the dig site or from museums.. He reports on everyone else though, museum employees, collectors,and metal detectorists. He should check the facts on how many archaeologists have “aquired” pieces from “unknown locations” under unknown circumstances.

  3. Oh indeed Robbie, I agree with what you say entirely, but there’s no mileage for them in printing the truth? What’s of greater concern to us taxpayers is that these people are let loose to excavate and report at taxpayer’s expense, when we all know they are more than capable of being ‘selective’ in thier final roundups. The next question one has to ask is : are they being ‘selective’ deliberately with excavation reports to gain further funding to protect job security? Many, say yes. There needs to be an in-depth enquiry into state-funded archaeology, or, for the likes of the CBA to come clean about what’s actually going on.

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