Rain, where the hell are you?

From here on the weather is usually not that bad for detecting here Texas, however right now the ground is still showing cracks and crevices from the  past dry spell, and the fall/winter rains have not yet shown up.  I just recently learned that our nasty black gumbo dirt is actually called   Vertisol.  While reading this “Wikopedia” description my favorite, or actually my not-so-favorite paragraph is:

“The shrinking and swelling of vertisols can damage buildings and roads, leading to extensive subsidence. Vertisols are generally  used for grazing of cattle or sheep. It is not unknown for livestock to be injured through falling into cracks in dry periods. Conversely,  any wild and domestic ungulates do not like to move on this soil when inundated. However, the shrink-swell activity allows rapid recovery  from compaction.”

We have had to have our foundation “lifted” three times over the past six years , costing us thousands of dollars (basements or cellars are non-existent here).  Months of hot temperatures and no rain simply make the ground unstable and unusable, not to mention you are crazy to be outside because it’s just too damn hot. I also refuse  to invest in a jack hammer!

Interestingly enough the soil back home in New Jersey is called Downer, an oxymoron  if there ever was one. Recovering items from the soils back there was a breeze, no matter what time of year it was.

Having said all this, I am hoping to get out some this coming week, my lower back willing. Someone on Facebook this morning posted the following, “When I was  a kid, I wanted to be older. This crap is not what I expected!!”



The influence of the University of Texas and Texas A&M (both well known for their archaeological programs) is evident in the following statement  in the Texas Antiquities Code….

“It is the public policy and in the public interest of the State of Texas to locate, protect, and preserve all sites, objects, buildings, pre-twentieth century shipwrecks, and locations of historical, archeological, educational, or scientific interest, including but not limited to prehistoric and historical American Indian   or aboriginal campsites, dwellings, and habitation sites, archeological sites of every character, treasure imbedded in the earth, sunken or abandoned ships and wrecks of the sea or any part of their contents, maps, records, documents, books, artifacts, and implements of culture in any way related to the inhabitants, pre-history, history, natural history, government, or culture in, on, or under any of the land in the State of Texas, including the tidelands, submerged land, and the bed of the sea within the jurisdiction of the State of Texas.”

That about takes care of everything don’t you think? Gotta wonder who wrote this,  how many others reviewed it, and how many  times it was tweaked so it left nothing to chance….



Fun video from Brian Mayer (Jersey Shore Beach and Surf Hunters)….recently posted on their Facebook site…..



Know a lot of you are heading out this week to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. Please drive safely and sanely, the life you save  might be MINE! Just kidding, I am actually staying home, so those of you in the Dallas area let me know your favorite hunting areas, and I promise to keep any eye  on them so no one else hits while you are gone. No big deal….glad to do it.



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2 responses to “Rain, where the hell are you?

  1. John H

    The University of Texas A&M can huff and puff to its heart’s content, but these apartheiders don’t make the law. Why not bring the thieving activites of Chicago archaeologist Dan Amick to a wider audience? Why not give these shysters a taste of thier own medicine? Why not tell everyone, that we don’t hold the monopoly of the heritage villainy. People will listen.

    Me? I’d Crucify the first academic to open his gob. Ask ’em…proof???? Prove ’em liars in public….

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