The Price of our passion….

I referred you two days ago to John Winter’s post which started off with “for many detectorists the act of buying a new machine far outweighs  the thrill of actually doing the hobby” , and I decided to weigh in on this topic as well….

First and foremost I “was” one of those detectorists who had to have the latest, the best, the most expensive detector out there, and I purchased them.  I just knew that the one coming in the mail was better than the one I was using. It had to be…. It’s newer, it cost more, and according to the the ad it could  find a pea sized target at five feet. Had to have it!

Now that I am older (not wiser), less athletic, and on a fixed income, having that latest model is pretty much out of the question. Not only do I not get out that  much anymore, but I am constantly reading of great finds being made by the novice  (see here).  You know, the newby  with the $200 machine, who just happened to be in the “right spot at the right time” and as a result, never had to work another day in his life.

While much of what I say is tongue in cheek, it’s also something “worth” thinking about. I am no different from anyone else when it comes to wanting  that advantage, that extra inch or so over the guy who detected the site before me.

In the beginning I always thought it was the detector. In other words the site was not producing anything worthwhile, and it was because the competition had newer,  more expensive detectors. Then, as time went on, I became more adept with my machine, experimenting with the various features, and I found that  by slowing down, and listening more closely, my luck improved.

I also cannot justify expensive sand scoops, pinpointers, nor a camera on you head to record your effort. Add in the pouches, diggers, the new min-spades, and it  becomes a very expensive pastime. To be sure, we all hope to find the big one, but we pretty much know it’s probably not going to happen. If however “dressing up” for the  experience is your thing, and you have money to spare, then by all means go for it. Life is too short.

Today I still look and read about all the new models, their features, and most importantly their prices. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I cannot even think of  spending that kind of money, and every time I read about a cache or great find found by a beginner I realize I am not really missing out on a thing…..



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10 responses to “The Price of our passion….

  1. william jones

    You know Dick, I’ve always been slow to buy the latest and greatest, which in many cases didn’t live up the hype. I never owned a “top of the line” detector even though I could have afforded it, but I had just as much fun with the one I had and I have found some nice relics with my “mid line” detector. Of course as technology increased and produced better detectors, I would step up a notch or two. Unfortunately my health and age prevents long hours of hunting, but I still go on shorter hunts when the opportunity presents itself.

    Bill Jones

  2. Robbie

    As we have all read those stories of newbies with an inexpensive detector finding a “good score”, it proves that, if your coil doesn’t get over the item(s), you won’t find it….. no matter what price machine you have.

  3. Joe(TX)

    …..I feel like you…at one time I too sought all of the latest and greatest and newest and deepest detector that was “New” on the market……but as time has marched on…I am not thrilled by the Newest anymore…I mean I still read about them but do not seek to buy them any more….instead I have reverted to the detectors of the past and pursue them instead….when I was younger I could not afford multiple detectors at the same time…in fact…it was common to sell/trade my current detector to get the next one ….now in my retirement years…I can afford many of those yesteryear detector(s) that I could not afford back then… could say that I am persuing my “DreamList”….believe it or Not but some of the older detectors are still competitive against the “Newest and the Greatest Detector”….especially in the hands of an experienced detectorist….and I use my older detector out in the field….it is the thrill of the hunt to find that detector that is just right but also to go out into the field with it and find that exclusive old silver coin……..just my take ….Joe

    • Joe, funny you say that because I too search on Ebay for a couple of older detectors that I once had, and wish I had again. My drawback is that they sometimes still sell for a pretty good price, meaning I guess that you and I are not alone.

  4. wintersen

    Pleased that I was the inspiration and catalyst for a thought-provoking blogpost, Dick. Here’s hoping that you garner as many comments …

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