John Repa….a true treasure

It’s been a while since I heard from John Repa, but yesterday I received an email from him, and it made my day. John is one of those unsung heroes, who does  so much for the cause, but in the process, does not get the recognition he deserves. Let me tell you about John if I may….

I use the term “way back when” a lot, but it somehow defines my situaton today, and it seems appropriate for so many of my postings. Way back when for John  is even longer….and there’s a lot of stories in John’s brain. I hope I can persuade him to share a few someday…

When I started the FMDAC our first meetings were held in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. Representatives from clubs in the Northeast came from all over….many spending  hours on the road, because they cared to be part of the effort to unite. One such representative was John, who if I remember correctly, represented the  Black Diamond Club in Pennsylvania. I can’t remember a meeting he was unable to attend, nor can I ever remember him not volunteering for positions and tasks that  helped further our efforts.

John Repa, two raffle winners and John Miller, early 80’s

John was the FMDAC ambassador if you will, always representing us at all the many events throughout the country, and I mean “throughout” the country. John would  pack up our small organizational backdrop, promotional materials, T-shirts, caps, and drive hundreds of miles so that we were represented at all of the major  metal detecting hunts and events, never requesting compensation. He just did it because he believed in our cause and because he cared…

John was a regular at the Treasure Expo’s long before me, and was friends with people like Abe Lincoln, Richard Ray, Charles Garrett, Roy Volker, Willy Cook,  George Payne, etc… He was also on good terms with all the manufacturers like Ken White Sr., Jack Gifford, and Ron Mack. Frankly, he  was he best ambassador we could have ever hoped for….

John continued helping the FMDAC after I left, and as always, did so without fanfare. Within the FMDAC John was in charge of the convention donations/prizes (he had  a way of asking, and a way of receiving that was unequalled). He would store and transport all the many prizes to the convention, and made sure they were ready to be handed out.

Just recently John just received his 40 year pin from the VFW, and is now a Life Member and trustee. Unfortunately because of various medical problems, he is unable to get out detecting now,  and is in the process of selling his detectors, and treaure related items (John has a large collection of USGS maps for sale, as well as a large book collection). If you know  John and want to get in touch with him, or if you are interested in purchasing any of his treasure related items, you can email him at

John, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your time and effort, and for your unwavering support of the treasure hunting pastime. I and many others know of your contributions,  and you rank up there among the very best when it comes treasure hunting greats (not sure there are any John Repa’s out there today and I mean that).

Good hunting my friend, and stay in touch….



Enjoyed John Winter’s most recent post about the latest TH’ing equipment. Check it out  here.  Couldn’t agree more…..



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4 responses to “John Repa….a true treasure

  1. Paul Tainter

    Hello Dick:
    Enjoyed the article on your site on John Repa. That takes me back some years and noticed the photo that you posted with John was taken at one of our Treasure Expo’s here in Fremont, Neb. back in the good old days.
    Best regards, Paul Tainter, National Treasure Hunters Express,

  2. Yep….they were indeed the good ole days! Thanks Paul….

  3. wintersen

    MR WINTER, eh!
    I’ve been promoted twice this month!
    Thanks for your continued support, Mr Stout. 🙂

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