World’s largest treasure book catalog…..

Years ago I always looked forward to Paul Tainter’s “Research Unlimited” catalog of treasure books and publications. It was extensive, and I referred to it often. It  was “The” catalog to have if you were into treasure hunting. I once remember checking off titles that I wanted to order, only to find out that when I totalled up  the cost, it was in the hundreds. I finally settled for ordering a few at a time….

2013 Research Unlimited Catalog

Thanks to Jay Foss (the new owner of Research Unlimited), I just received the 2013 catalog, and I must tell you, nothing has changed.  It still has the same look (35 page newspaper), and  offers hours of reading.  You name it….if it refers to treasure in any form, it’s listed here.  Books, maps and videos covering The Civil War, Dowsing, Forts, Gems and Minerals, Ghost Towns, History, Indians, Maps, Mining, Mountain Men, the Old West, Pirates, Place Names, Railroads,  Research, Shipwrecks, Signs and Symbols, Technical Help (metal detecting how-to), Tools, Trails and Water Hunting. Likewise if it’s hard to find, give Jay a call at  1-800-345-8588

All their publications are available online as well at Research Unlimited.

UPDATE 3/27/2018

Unfortunately Research Unlimited has closed it doors and is no longer in business!



Detectorist Finds Diamond Ring Lost 17 Years Ago



Sure most of you know that today is Election Day. No matter your political leanings, no matter your candidate, please VOTE!  It’s a right that many in this world do  not have…..



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