FMDAC Trip to Longleat, 1987

Finally scanned and put together the photos from Longleat. Once again this slideshow will probably not mean much to anyone in the hobby today. It’s from  a time when all was well with the pastime, and a time I wish I could return to. It saddens me to think the World Council was left to die a slow death. One can  only wonder what things might be like today if it were still alive and well….



While delving through boxes, looking for old photos, I came across a letter that was sent to my Mom and Dad back in1964. It was a standard form letter  from Charles W. Whittington, Lt. Colonel, 7th Howitzer Battalion, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, welcoming me to the unit for advanced training. It brought  back memories, as well as a smile.

The one line that stood out and broke me up was “Your son is currently training as a Field Artilleryman, he will learn the art of delivering a projectile through the  earth’s atmosphere to a predetermined target.” Huh? First, who the hell ever came up with a description like that. It should have went something like  “Your son will go deaf, learning the art of delivering a 200 pound round designed to kill people at a range of up to ll miles.

I did indeed go deaf and hated being assigned to an artillery unit, especially one dealing with the 8 inch, the largest howitizer going, and what made the above line  even funnier is that our company became famous for accidently sending a few rounds to a local cemetery just outside of Fayetteville, nearly hitting the church itself.  The one saving grace? We were not allowed back in the field for about three or four days while they investigated this accident. So much for the ART of delivering a  projectile!!



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5 responses to “FMDAC Trip to Longleat, 1987

  1. John H

    Oh, happy daze! A nice series of pics with many happy memories…and if I recall, you still owe me for a round of Scotch…
    The time wasn’t right then for the World Council ….

    • Sorry John, think it’s the other way around…YOU owe me a round.
      As for the timing, we ALL thought it was the right time, and I do not think the opportunity will present itself again At least not in my lifetime….

      • John H

        Looking back on events perhaps we moved too fast. I had tremendous opposition from within the NCMD itself against the World Council, at about the same time as the NCMD degenerated into a loose confederation of warring tribes. But as hobbyists become more aware of global events the situation may take a turn for the better.

  2. I enjoyed watching your production Dick. Entertaining, informative and very well produced. Music just right! Even though I wasn’t there it evoked a different age and I could imagine that I was present! It was quite a feat to organise such an event at that venue … and to get Lord Bath on board was a triumph!

    You were mentioned in a hobby magazine report at the time.
    “… also not to be forgotten was Dick Stout’s unnecessary reminder of the Battle of Brandywine by bringing from America two balls – musket – left behind by the British and now returned … to the custody of World Council representatives on this side of the Atlantic.”

    “An abiding memory will be the enthusiastic participation of Lord Christopher Thynne and made the prize-giving a special delight.”

    • Thanks John, it was a fun week, and well organized. Too bad the tradition didn’t continue….could have been an alternating event perhaps between the countries.

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