Scott Mitchen….still going strong!

Back in the 80’s at the FMDAC Atlantic City events, all the manufacturers would give a seminar, and I will never forget Scott Mitchen, who  spoke on behalf of Fisher Labs. At that time people were searching the water, but it was nothing like today. The term “waterproof” was tenuous to say the least,  and even when I was with Garrett, the AT series, while very good, still had minor deficiencies. In any case Scott came to the podium, armed with a slide show  that knocked over everyone. It was the highlight of the day for sure.

Early 80’s…Gary Storm, Jim Lewellen and Scott Mitchen

Each slide was accompanied by his description, and if I remember right it went something like this…. Dive#1, Five gold rings, four silver rings, one gold  chain. Dive#2, three gold rings, five silver rings, and one gold coin, Dive #3, and so on…..When Scott was done he was surrounded by detectorists, wanting to  know more, and of course wanting to take a closer look at the items on display. Without a doubt one of the best presentations I have ever witnessed….

It’s been almost 30 years since that day, and just a few minutes ago I had the pleasure of chatting with Scott on the phone. Man, was it great to talk to him again.  He is of course still going strong, still very much involved in treasure hunting, and I hope you will check out his website   International Explorations, Inc. Some of the projects he is now working on will be televised,  but because of contractual obligation he didn’t want them mentioned quite yet. One particular series that he and his company can comment on is to be called “The  American Finder”, and the whole pretext of the show is returning treasures to their owners (certainly a breath of fresh air at this moment). Three different channels are  currently bidding on the series…

Scott Mitchen today….

Scott is also very involved in education and has presented hundreds of programs at schools across the country He is also the author of a series of books aimed at the  younger generation. The first is called “Will of the Pirates”, and is readily available online. When you have time just google Scott’s name, and you will have lot’s to  look at….

Also check out….

On the Road


If you ever get up Wisconsin way, be sure to stop in at Scott’s shop and tell him Dick Stout said hello…..


Hearing some really good things about this detector, and from people I respect. It’s similar to others in the Coinmaster line, but for whatever reason  is getting good depth, and finding things in areas hunted heavily. I know you are aware of my fondness for White’s machines, but you also know I talk and  share information about many others brands and models here on Stout Standards. All I can tell you is that those who have tested this machine say it’s pretty damn good.

Now I have to get my hands on one, and find out for myself. If you are interested in knowing more click here.



A few if of my buffalo’s…

Spent two hours yesterday going through my Buffalo nickel rolls, looking for a 1935 double die reverse. After about two hours of going cross-eyed I discovered I  didn’t have a one. I fell in love with the Buffalo nickel years ago, and started buying rolls of them, knowing of course that they had been culled by the seller. Way  back then you could buy a roll for three or four dollars.

As I mentioned in my post of October 17th I was not aware of all the many error coins now out there, and have decided to start the process of checking through my stash of coins. I have never paid much attention to error coins, other than to keep an eye out for the ’55 double die Lincoln, and 42 over 41 Merc, but  now I will take the time to dig into the collection and take a closer look. Next on the agenda are the “wheaties” and here again I have rolls and rolls. Given the  difficulty I have getting out now it will at least give me something to do, and hey, who knows?



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