Big Tex gets fried….

One of the best times of the year here in the Dallas area is October. The weather is bearable, and in fact pleasant after the high heat of summer. It’s also  when the Texas State Fair takes place and it’s always an enjoyable event. Lots of good food, music, rides, demonstrations, and it makes for a long but  fun-filled day.

The Texas State Fair has always been known for it’s fried food. Every year there’s a competition for the best fried  concoction, and we have tasted  fried twinkies, fried jello, fried beer, fried coke and fried banana split. If it’s edible or drinkable, it’s probably been fried at the  fair.

Well this morning a long standing icon of the fair, Big Tex got fried. Big Tex is situated in the  center of Fair Park, and he talks. Typically it’s a very deep “Howdy, welcome to the State Fair of Texas”….

Big Tex going up in flames….

Apparently an electrical short started the fire, and all that’s left is Big Tex’s wire frame. With only three  days left in the fair it’s a sad time here in the Dallas area. Fay and I took the grandkids a couple of weeks ago, and I know they will be sad to hear of his  demise.  I feel certain however that Big Tex will be back next year….bigger and better. That’s just the way they do things here in the Lone Star state.



You all know how much I enjoy John Winter’s blog, and I know I keep referring you all to it. His latest post is another example of why I do that. Be sure  to check out  the German POW camp, and  sign up for his updates. Never a bad one….

John Winter



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4 responses to “Big Tex gets fried….

  1. John H

    Aw…great pity about Big Tex…remember him when I came over to see you and Fay some years back. Good on John Winter too, who runs a great blog. Odd thing is though, you never see JW and DS in the same room. Spooky or what?

  2. Robbie

    Sorry to hear about Big Tex. I’m sure he will be good as new for next year.

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