Error coins….high prices for shoddy work

My inability to get out and detect at this time led me to look for other avenues of escape. As a result I have started going through old photo albums, looking  for early photos that I need to scan for use here and for posterity. I have also started to pour through a lot of my old treasure hunting books….something I  should do on a regular basis. They certainy can inspire, and at times remind me that there are things I have forgotten.

Anyway, for whatever reason I started looking through my 2013 Red Book. I had gotten it about a month ago, but never took the time to flip through the pages.  What jumped out at me where the number of error coins, and their estimated values. Over the years I had become familiar witht he plain 1922 Lincoln, the double die ’55 cent, the  1942 over 1 Merc, and the three legged Buffalo. Apparently I have been asleep at the wheel….the number of error coins out there is staggering.

In just the Lincoln cent category, the 1946S over D, 1944D over S, and the 1984 “doubled ear”. In the typically lowly Jefferson nickel series, the 1939 “doubled Monticello”,  the 1942D over “horizontal D”. Likewise in the Washington quarter series there’s the 1942D “double die” obverse, and the 1950D over S.

These are just a few of those listed in the latest Red Book, and I now need to get busy, going through my coins, especially the Lincolns (I have rolls and rolls of wheats). I also have hundreds of Buffalo  Nickels and need to keep an eye out for a 1935 “double die” reverse.

I can’t think of too many other areas where less than perfect work results in higher prices, but coin collecting is obviously one. Even recent Roosevelt error coins can bring  a few extra dollars, so take a few minutes to get your Red Book out, and make a list of what to be on the lookout for. Then think about all that change that’s been
accumulating on your dresser or in that jar….might be worth sorting through before you take them to the local CoinStar machine.

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4 responses to “Error coins….high prices for shoddy work

  1. I know nothing of American ‘error’ coins. It suggests (to me) that if the Yanks can produce a book with them so many included, then the producers were less than perfect.

    In the UK, we occasionally have stories that send some ‘get-rich-quick’ guys off on a wild goose chase that leads to nothing. I touched on the subject in a recent blog post –

  2. These error coins were those that escaped the mint unoticed, and apparently the scarcity of them makes them valuable. I did once have a “three legged” Buffao nickel, and sold it for a pretty good sum. In any case it adds a little more fun to our very limited coinage (as compared to that of the UK).

  3. oddcoins

    I like your segment about error coins! . . . .

    I have collected coins since I was 8 years old . . . and my interest in the hobby jumped around from the different US coins series and even into world coins . . . but I have had the most enjoyment since I started focusing on ERROR COINS!

    I always liked seeing pictures of error coins in the coin magazines but I didn’t really know much about errors. But then, in 1994, I was reading an article in COIN WORLD magazine about 1994 Lincoln Cents with a major rotated die errors being found (and the article explained what to look for) . . . so I looked through some pocket change I had and noticed that all the coins in my change were just run-of-the-mill business strike coins . . . except for one ~ I had found a 1993-D Lincoln Cent with a die rotation of almost 90 degrees!! SO, I reported my find to COIN WORLD and they mentioned me and my find in a follow-up article. SO COOL!!

    Ever since then I have studied and read anything and everything about the coin minting process and what errors can happen along the way! The mint has so many quality control procedures in place that it is amazing that ANY of these errors ever get out! But lucky for us error coin collectors, no matter how hard they try, the errors still sneak out.

    Now I pretty much only buy & sell ERROR COINS ~ hence my username on eBay “oddcoins” and my e-mail address . I love all aspects of Numismatics, but error coins are like the cherry on top of sundae!!

    If you want to see some serious major error coins check out Fred Weinberg’s website ~ ~ he’s the world’s leading authority on error coins. And his book THE ERROR COIN ENCYCLOPEDIA is a must-have for any numismatic library.


    • Wasn’t aware of that Neil. Always knew you were odd, and now I know why. Thanks for the information….will check it out.

      Have my buffalo nickel rolls out and about to start checking….

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