Cherry picking……

I find it amusing how my friend in Warsaw trolls the various metal detecting sites, and cherry picks those things that he can use to put the metal detecting  fraternity in a bad light. In one of his recent posts he chose one particular story (A Tale from the Crypt) that John shared in his Malamute Saloon, but declined to comment on the one titled  “Sound of Silence”, a story about Marino Massimo De Caro, who was accused of stealing rare and precious books and manuscripts. Apparently that sort of thing  just doesn’t do his blog justice

Instead he likes the story John tells about a practical joke on an arkie, and more important he takes to task the photo showing John’s friend Ron Searce, saying…

“The “funny story” is published on a blog accompanied by a vintage-looking photo of an old man in a run-down conservatory with a grin on his face and a spade in his  hand, and in front of him on the table a scatter of metal-detected items. Where did they come from and where are these objects now?”

He could have used the term man or gentleman, or “just” conservatory, but that wouldn’t have been ugly enough, nor suited his need to degrade another individual.  And of course he had to mention the “scatter of metal detected items” as though they are rare and valuable artifacts, removed under the darkness of night  (“where did they come from and where are these items now?”), but that was of course his purpose.

Paul Barford, it’s none of your business what Mr. Searce’s finds are, nor where they came from, and frankly, who the hell are you to even ask the question? It’s just another  episode in your attempt to be the archaeological “knight in shining armor”, when in fact, no one in our pastime, and for that matter, no one in the recognized  archaeological community, really gives a crap. You are an “uppity” figment of your own imagination….

I appreciate your four and five daily visits to my site, but keep in mind I can also cherry pick and choose what I write, and what photos I post…..  My patience is wearing thin.



Check out these articles Barford…. I am sure you can find something evil in them, and they just might give you something to do today….

Coins Found by Weymouth Man Considered Treasure

Bronze Age Pottery Find in Jersey

Amazing what these “gentlemen” using metal detectors are able to bring forth and share with the world……



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4 responses to “Cherry picking……

  1. John Howland

    Indeed, detected finds really are none of his business and until the Warsaw Windbag goosesteps his way into British law, the status quo remains. WW/PB is of course at liberty to ask the question and mine and other’s reply will always remain the same…”UP YOURS’.

    But seeing as he is so concerned about looted valuables, perhaps he should concentrate on locating the whereaboutsof the many gold coins thieved by the archaeologist, the late Ralph Pinder-Wilson, a former Keeper of Oriental Antiquities at the British Museum.

    Finally, my late great friend, Ron Scearce, a wealthy businessman who probably spent more on dog food that PB earnes in a year, was never afraid nor wimpish enough to hide in the shadows. What PB conveniently forgets, if his wimpering is to be believed, he owes the safety of himself and his family to Dick Stout, who unlike me would have cast him to the wolves…. THIS IS HOW HE REPAYS.

    Gives you an idea of the man don’t it! What a capture he is for archaeology as a whole.

  2. I have a feeling this “young gentleman” who lives in a “new and updated” conservatory, will be up late tonight working on an uplifting rebuttal. I am so excited I am just pissing my pants in anticipation….

  3. Robbie

    I’m sure PB will have a comment on the Weymouth man’s found coins that were reported to the coroner. After all they were found by someone using a metal detector, NOT by an archaeologist….

  4. Yep. That sort of thing is evil and taboo…..

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