More BS from the Brit….

Received an update from the big guy across the pond, and he never fails to amaze me with the things he writes. I am so damn thankful that he doesn’t live near to me. The escapades from long ago are still fresh in my mind, and I worry that one day he will sober up and share them, however there are two sides to every  story (and a photo here and there). Therein lies my crutch (or ammunition if you will).

John used to talk fishing all the time. Fly fishing in particular. As most fishermen do he had a zillion stories about the big one that got away, and so I decided one time to see if he could really walk the talk. A great day, a great location, and this is what took place…..

This is the “take my photo” before we go…I look good.

Then once we get on the water…..

Then after getting back to shore (minus the “whopper”)

And I kid you not, ten minutes later, he had the balls to talk about writing a fishing book (You can’t make this stuff up! What a guy)….

To read Mr. Howland’s comments click on the Malamute Saloon above, and scroll down to today’s date.



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4 responses to “More BS from the Brit….

  1. waylon123

    YO Bubba:   Yeh, liked the latest intro. Good to see a bit of humour!   Am thinking of writing a book about’How to run a Website.’ hahaaha   Waylon


  2. Howland, you need to think about a book on BS!

  3. Dick … thinks … if Howland is so bloody clever at designing websites, why doesn’t he have a blog of his own instead of mistletoeing all over yours?
    Just a thought ….

    • John, Howland likes to lord over people, and he enjoys sending stuff (a.k.a. crap) and saying “here, post this!” Suspect something that did or did not happen in his childhood has something to do with it……pity his wife Margaret.

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