Slideshow feedback….

Thanks to all who took the time to email me about the Atlantic City slideshow. Didn’t think many would really enjoy it but I guess I was wrong.  
I received one email from Jerry Lenk, the first secretary of the FMDAC, and a terrific guy. I hadn’t been in touch with Jerry in years, and it was great  to hear from  him. I am hoping  to staying with Jerry  over the long haul now. He also mentioned that he had some old photos in the basement, and promised  to send them to me soon. Will be sure to share them here when and if…..

I am working now on a slide show about the FMDAC trip to the Longleat Rally back in 1987. A trip that I believe was the forerunner of all the many excursions there  today. I may be wrong, but I don’t remember anyone offering detecting in the UK (as a group) before that. So, if you are reading this, and went on that FMDAC trip, please  let me know. Would love to hear from you, and would love to share your photos.



I graduated Lambertville High School in 1959. It closed the same year, with a new regional High School opening. The school was quite old (opened in 1854), and I had always  intended to detect there, but never did. A lot of things happened since then, and I share them here, only to remind you that putting off a search is something you may  live to regret

Road Trip Back to School

From Weird USA

And just yesterday I received the following article from my friend Tony Conti in Jersey (Tony from Bayonne!).

“Haunted” High School Reduced to Rubble

I will probably never get the opportunity to search my old high school, and wonder what the demolition did to the surrounding grounds. Just a few steps up from  the school was a playing field, were lot of sports were played, not to mention it was where you hung out waiting for the bell to call you to class in the morning  and at lunch time. Last time I was there it was knee high weeds and vines.

I hope my sharing this doesn’t result in a massive assault by detectorists. I have no idea who owns the property, and what it is like now, and whether or not it is  even accessible. I will be interested to see what happens to this site over the long haul. Is it haunted? Nah, just a lot of made up, off the wall stories. Personally  I feel honored to have been part of the last class graduating there, and will always remember the four years I spent there. Good times indeed….. RIP LHS.



You’ve heard me mention this group before, and I highly recommend visiting their Facebook page if you are into beach hunting. Started by Brian Mayer, the  club consists of detectorists from all over. The group welcomes everyone, and the information provided there is top notch. Brian recently hosted a get together, resulting  in the following article.

New Jersey Hunters Come to Ocean City to Trade Treasure Hunting Tales

Again, if you are into beach hunting or even just thinking about it, be sure visit their facebook page. If  you are not on Facebook, being part of this group is a great reason to change your mind.



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4 responses to “Slideshow feedback….

  1. Bob Kerr

    Your comment “putting off a search is something you may live to regret” is so true & l have done it many times, just can’t seem to master the part about kicking myself & the wife is too willing.

  2. Robbie

    Sorry your old school is no longer standing. I had a chance to search the grade school I 1st attended when we moved down here to Texas. It was a few years ago—— I waited too long to go and search the grounds, and the school district sold the land to a developer and new houses were built on the site of the 1890’s school site.
    You snooze….you lose !!!!

  3. Yep, and unfortunately I have done way too much snoozing as of late…

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