Mom said there would be days like this…..

Fay and I took the grandkids to the Texas State fair Monday, and came home beat up, beat down, tired and wiped out….The State fair  is really one of the best, if not the best (though costly for sure if you have children).  Aside from that, one must walk great distances to get from one show or venue to  another, and that took a toll on both of us. We were glad to get home, and needless to say, we slept like logs.

Yesterday my plan was to have a leisurely breakfast, and then head out with the MXT Pro and the 4×6 coil. Impressed with it’s depth in my test garden I  wanted to take it somewhere where to see how it would perform in a heavily trashy area. I immediately thought of a small park in Rockwall. The park itself doesn’t  really date back that far, but it’s one of those places where you can always find a few coins, maybe a ring or two, and have it all to yourself, especially when  school is in session.

The park offers two pavilions with barbecue grills adjacent, and on the weekends they are generally always in use. It is around these two structures that I  wanted to see what the Eclipse shooter could do. I had tried many times in the past to work the area but was always turned off by an excessive amount of pulltabs and bottlecaps. Even with the 5.3 Eclipse, which I consider my standard coil, I was unable to see through the trash or get in-between it.

On with the story……

After breakfast I grabbed my detector, coils and accessories and headed to the park. When I got there, I noticed a couple of ladies with young children, but  they were quite young, and wouldn’t be a problem. Plus they were in the tot lot area (woodchips) and I would be about fifty yards away. Got out of the car,  put my apron on, tied my drop cloth to my belt, grabbed the detector, and realized I had forgotten to bring my headphones.

While home was only about four miles away I decided to go ahead and hunt, utilizing just audio (forgetting again that I was half deaf). With detector in hand  I turned the on-off knob (gain) on, and nada. No hum, nothing. First thought? Dead batteries, and I didn’t bring the rechargeable pack.  I opened up the battery door, and found the cause. I didn’t have a battery pack in the detector, period!

After a few choice words (none of which I can repeat here), I decided I was not going to be stopped from doing what it was I had planned. I drove home,  grabbed my headphones, both battery packs and headed back to the park. When I arrived, no more than twenty minutes later, there wasn’t a place to park. Apparently  it was a mother’s day out with their kids, or something of the sort. There were mom’s and kiddies all over the place, and I wasn’t a happy camper (as in extremely  pissed). Drove home, and decided I would try again after lunch.

Did you ever feel like a nap after lunch? Well, when you hit my age you feel like a nap 24/7. Fighting off the urge I once again headed to  the park, and thankfully not a soul was around. To quote Emeril, happy, happy, happy…..



I once again, grabbed the MXT, loaded the battery pack, and everything was a go… After ground balancing, I went to the pavilion area, and started detecting  right at the edge of the concrete slab. I purposely moved very slow and overlapped my swings by about two inches (Not hard to do when your coil is only 4×6). I had  to back off the gain some, but very quickly heard the high pitched sound of a coin. The meter read 77….a penny. Depth was one inch, and I quickly had it  in my apron…not a wheatie of course, but older coins were always few and far between at this park.

I continued to scan around the one pavilion, and loved the feel of this little coil. I began finding coins in an area that used to drive me nuts. I also was  able to isolate good from bad by checking both north and south, east and west. Something the 5.3 just couldn’t do.

To make a short story even longer, I lasted only an hour (all that my back can handle anymore), and returned home with one Merc, 4 clad dimes, one wheat, and 8  clad pennies. Yeah I know, about $3.49 for my hour (not counting the three trips). I was not disappointed however, and will return soon to see what else I can pull out  of the other Pavillion area. The little Eclipse shooter coil worked so well there, it had me trying to remember whether or not I had used it there before with the V3i….?

Thanks again to Steve Howard from Whites for suggesting I give it a try with the MXT Pro. Apparently he knew something I didn’t…… Looks like the 5.3 coil will  have some company from now on.

I wish the manufacturers would offer all their models with the a standard 7 to 8 inch coil, as was the case years ago. The  trend toward “bigger is better” is not always the case, especially for those of us who coinshoot. The stock seven inch coil was all I needed years ago, and while  the larger coils go deeper, they also see more, and that, in my opinion, makes the ID process more difficult….

Then again, what the hell do I know. Just ask my wife….she will tell you.



As you know we have two pugs, Barnum and Mollie. Barnum will be 11 in November, and he is my best buddy. My only real true friend. Deaf and almost blind, he still follows me around  the house, and instinctively knows when I come home. He has a bed in my office, and sleeps while I work. If I should happen to get up and go downstairs, I hear  his thump, thump, thump down the stairs looking for me, and he has to literally be about three feet from me to see me. I do talk to him, knowing he can’t hear  a thing, but somehow I think he understands…..

Watching the ballgame….

I have to pick him up on the bed at night, and lift him down in the morning. He’s also a Yankee fan, and we both enjoy watching  the ball games on TV (even though he probably can’t see a thing he enjoys sitting on his pillow staring at the screen). His ailments are all part of getting old, and something I can very  much relate to, but I worry about the day when he might not be at my side. No one lives forever, but it just doesn’t seem fair that my only true friend gets the shorter  end of the stick….

I am not really sure why I shared this here…..just wanted to. If you have a dog, or other pet, I know you will understand. Barnum is one of a kind, and  a treasure that I tend to take for granted. I must stop doing that, and spend more time with him. Here’s hoping the Yankee season will continue on. He will  like that…..


Understand I love Mollie too. She is a rescue pug, and a very lovable little gal. She is pretty much  Fay’s tag along friend, just  as Barnum is to me….. We are both very lucky to have such loyal and loving family members.



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4 responses to “Mom said there would be days like this…..

  1. Robbie

    When I had my Whites M6, I had better results in real trashy areas with the 5.3 than I did using the 4X6. Guess it depends on the detector, because I gave both coils a good testing in the same locations.

    make sure you get a Nov. W&ET … :o)

  2. waylon123

    1. It’s an age thing…I once forgot the bloody detector!
    2. That Barnum is one cool dog and I have to say, better looking! Pity he’s a Yankees supporter. Go Rangers!!!!!
    3. “Fighting off the urge ….” you still get that??????

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