Texas treasure hunters help to rebuild church…

Got an email from Wayne Morin (Robbie’s brother) about a joint effort to rebuild a church in the Houston area, destroyed by fire six years ago.  Quite a few clubs were involved, and thanks to their efforts they were able to contribute $580 dollars to this ongoing cause. To read more please click   here.

Thanks guys for a job well done, and for telling everyone who we really are….



Wanted to pass this article along as well, and curious if your club has thought of holding such an event? Just might bring in a few new members, as  well as tell the local community more about your pastime. I am guessing there are quite a few clubs who have been around for some time, yet little is known of  their meetings or activities…..?

Treasure Hunters Show off Finds__



As ususal John Winter’s latest post A Handsome Coin was a good one. I wonder if we stopped balking  at the dollar coin here in the states, and started promoting it, might it be a boon for our pastime? Can’t see how it would hurt…. What do you think?

The Presidential Coin act of 2005 authorized that the date and motto’s be inscribed on the edge of the coin.  Since 2009, all of the coins in the presidential series have had “In God We Trust” inscribed on the front.



I was talking with Steve Howard from White’s the other day, and he suggested I give this coil a good workout with my MXT Pro. I had used  it with the V3i when faced with certain conditions, but for whatever reason I had ignored it when it came to the MXT Pro.

I decided to take his advice and gave it a try in my test garden out back, and was very impressed. It was finding dimes I had  buried at 6 to 8 inches, and the response was loud and clear. It was also very good at separation when it came to those pulltab/coin
areas of my plot.

Now I am anxious to give it a try in a couple of areas that I have hit quite hard in the past. Saturday it rained all day, and it’s still  raining now. Best couple days we have had in some time!! (you would have to live here to understand). With the Texas State fair  lined up for tomorrow it looks as though the first time I will have to give this coil a real workout will be Tuesday or Wednesday. Will keep you posted.

Steve, thanks for the tip. Might have to buy you a beer (or two) next time I see you….



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2 responses to “Texas treasure hunters help to rebuild church…

  1. Robbie

    Thanks for linking to the church fire story.

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