Howland’s on a roll…

Jeez, just posted an update to the Malamute Saloon, and now the owner sends me another one….. Either he is bored, or pissed (as in drunk). I suspect the latter.

John does indeed have a following here, and I am jealous. As a result I will be working harder to be more vulgar, more callow, more primitive, more gross  and more offensive as well….

To view his latest contribution, click on the Malamute Saloon above, and scroll down to today’s date.



Thanks to Regton, Ltd. for the following… Only the first five minutes relate to detecting….

How it’s Made



Received an email from Larry Bateham (a.k.a. Packrat), and it sounds as though things are going well with him and his battle with cancer. Sharing…

“Finished my first 6 weeks of chemo the Thursday before Labor Day Had some problems with my hands swelling and lack of energy that weekend but felt better on Monday.  Still been working full time. This last Sunday our club had a mini hunt and I hunted for only the second time since the June hunt. Did pretty good. I found about
280 coins for the day and 12 prize tokens. As you can tell I am stil doing pretty good, and hopefully will continue so. Started my second round of chemo last Thursday
and so far so good”.

If you want to get in touch with Larry you can do so by emailing him at…..

Happy for your Larry….congratulations.



Just a thought PB? Instead of trolling all the various metal detector websites and forums, why not spend your time looking for King Tut’s   penis? Sounds like something right up your alley, and  I feel certain that if a treasure hunter finds it he will think of you first anyway, so not to worry….



Was perusing Amazon and checking to see if any of my books were listed, and I noticed this.  If you really want to save a lot of money, I will sell you “Coin Hunting in Depth” for only $12.95 plus $5.00 shipping (this book is still in print and available
from many sources).



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4 responses to “Howland’s on a roll…

  1. Paul

    Hello Dick: Greetings from New York. Read your latest post here in the Empire State. Is this what they call it?? Anyway, we had to come out earlier then expected because of sickness in the family, and my daughter had no nanny as of yet. Long story. But they now have Grampa and Grandpa to stand in.

    Rain now north of the city and will try to send some down Texas way and back west to Nebraskie. Anyway no car at our disposal so stranded here for the time being. Rembered my razor blades but forgot the razor. So be it…

    Friday will have a glass of red at our daughters Birthday party in the city. Stay well by friend.



    • Paul, please do send some of that rain our way….we sure can use it. Forget the razor, grow a beard…makes daily life a little easier, and it saves money. Most important, did you bring your detector?

  2. Hahaha, King Tut’s penis? I doubt he can find his own.

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