Bubba and his AT Pro

John Howland seems to be on a tear with his writing lately, but that’s fine. He has a lot of followers, and he can almost always offer more in the way of useful  information than I.  This one is geared toward the AT Pro user, and I think you will find it  an interesting read.  Just click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date….



A gentleman from Michigan emailed and wanted to know if I could offer a tip or two on the MXT Pro…

First off, as I’ve gotten older I tend to NOT want to fool around with settings, touchpads, etc.. More interested in the hunt than in  experimenting. Having said this I will add that I did do a lot of bench testing with this detector when I got it, and found that the preset Coin & Jewelry mode actually did more of what I wanted from the detector than the other modes.

When I get to an area I usually ground balance the machine, then lock it. I scan some and see what’s in store for me, and then turn the gain  up as far as I can go without too much chatter. I use the recommended slight threshold hum, and actually listen more than I look. I also have  my disc setting a notch below nickel, so that I do not pass up any gold. If the area is extremely old I will dig pretty dig anything I hear  for a few minutes, and again, try to get a feel for what I am up against, if anything. If I find an abundance of trash I might opt to up my  disc settings and change to the 6×6 coil (Eclipse 5.3)

I found the ID readouts pretty accurate down to 8 inches and higher on larger coins, and I love the audio discrimination (high pitched response on coins).  Lastly I love the Eclipse 5.3 coil. Not sure if it’s because I started years ago with coils that size, or what, but it is very responsive, and  is able to delve “in-between” more so than the super 12. It has become my go to coil most of the time now.

That’s pretty much it…. Nothing tricky, nothing complicated, and you know how much I love knobs and switches.



Scanned a few more photos from way back when, and will be adding them to the photo pages soon. To the newer TH’ers they won’t mean much, but  to a few of us old farts they bring back memories, and I hope as times goes on to add more.

One of the highlights to the the old Atlantic City hunts were the Friday night pre-hunt parties. The late Harry Bodofsky (FMDAC VP) and his wife Harriet would hold  them at their condo in AC, and all of the FMDAC workers, as well as speakers, manufacturers, distributors and vendors were invited. A lot of funny stories  came out of those gatherings, and how I wish I had recorded them….

Arnold Grieve, Compass Distributor, mid 80’s

Danny, Sondra, Michael and David Bernzweig, Detector Electronics

Charles Garrett, Lita Colligan and Rosemary Anderson
Friday night Pre-Hunt Party in Atlantic City 1987

Harry Bodofsky, Jimmy Sierra, Glenn Carson and Ed
Laub, Friday night Pre-Hunt Party, Atlantic City 1987

Believe it or not the 19th key out of 20 was the one that
started the new Ford automobile we gave away in 1987!



Maui Man seeks Treasure

Carson City Man Leaves Behind  Millions in Gold



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2 responses to “Bubba and his AT Pro

  1. waylon123

    Hey! Remember the ’86 Convention Party well. I bumped into Jimmy S, Charles G, Rosemary A, stepped over Dick S, bumped into Harry B…..

    Harry Bodofsky, what a gentleman he was. I reckon he represented the very best in this great hobby of ours and sadly missed.

    • Don’t start HOWLAND….there are a few stories I could share here if you are not careful.

      All kidding aside Harry really was a great friend, and I still think of him often. Harry was one who would literally “give you the shirt off his back”……

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