Hark! Bubba speaks!

Woke up this morning to find an email from John Howland labeled MalSal#70. What that means to me is that he’s attaching a post to the Malamute Saloon, and it  is his 70th such contribution. I am most grateful for his friendship, and appreciate his contributions to Stout Standards. I can attest to the fact that whenever he  posts, the hits on my site go way up. I can also attest to the fact that I am always afraid to read them. My first thought is, “was he sober when wrote it?” and  then “who the hell is he going to piss off now?”

John Howland is one of a kind. Smart, shrewd, not at all subtle, and reminds me of my many friends back in New Jersey. By that I mean there’s no need to interpret  their feelings or responses. They will tell you up front exactly what is on their mind. Miles away from how they do it here in the South. Here, when they say  “bless your heart” you need to read between the lines and worry. It’s almost always a code word for screw you.

In any case John doesn’t disappoint here either. If you want to hear what he has to say, click on the Malamute Saloon above and scroll down to September 13…….



Think I may have found a site that offers great potential, and it was right under my nose. Currently doing a bit of researching, and will keep you abreast of  what happens (without naming the site). Just the possibility gives me some encouragement, and I need that badly right about now…



Thanks to John Winter and Regton Ltd. for the following articles…..

Metal Detector Saves the Day

New 3-D Sonar Images of US Navy ship sunk in Civil War battle off Texas

Shark Attacks Treasure Hunter



Watched a few videos on a forum today, and was extremely disappointed in the recovery methods used. Apparently the short handled shovel is getting popular,  and while I can see the advantages (especially with my bad back) it seems that it also makes one a little lazy when repairing the ground. Likewise not one of the  detectorists in the videos I viewed used a dropcloth. I was going to share them here, but decided not to…. In any case what has happened to our ability to  leave a site as we found it? The areas shown were park and picnic areas, NOT fields or wooded areas.

Seems that a few of you don’t care, and most likely will come screaming for help later down the road when you aren’t allowed to practice your pastime anymore…..  Wake up. You owe it to the rest of.



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4 responses to “Hark! Bubba speaks!

  1. That decapitated head is frightening!

  2. John H

    Bless your heart.

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