I have come to realize…

That I am too damn old for all the metal detector technology of today. I was so proud and excited when I figured out the functions and features of my MXT  Pro, and was actually able to use it to find coins in heavily worked out areas. From here on however I am not g oing to promise anything.

I was reading a post today from Ron Guinazzo, a.k.a. Chicago Ron, on Facebook and he mentioned the following….

Ron Guinazzo, a.k.a “Chicaco Ron”

“My Sidekick, Mark got a new toy this morning, New CTX-3030. We will be learning it and putting it through it’s paces over the next month, should be using it in  upcoming video’s and if you know Mark the finds will come! If anyone has a setting they think we should try Please let us know! Treasure@chicagoron.com”

I offered the following:  1. Turn on detector. 2. swing coil and listen for sounds….

Ron responded with “Dick your wealth of knowledge is indeed endless! Thanks buddy.”

I can’t tell you how charged up I was when he said that. What a thrill! I am thinking about framing his response, and hanging it here in my office/hideaway. Imagine,  me actually helping Chicao Ron find more treasure. Damn…!!


Ron, forgive my sarcasm, my jokes, and especially my envy. You are a treasure hunter’s treasure hunter, and I appreciate all you do for the pastime (I have also  saved your offer to buy dinner next time we meet on my hard drive).

I do however have to wonder where all this is going, and what will come next. For me it won’t matter. At 71 years old I have settled in, found my detector, and  having fun finding what I can, when I can, and unfortunately when I am able. Ron, someday you will understand (then again, knowing you, maybe not).

To have to spend 30 days learning a detector is not something I care to do, and if it had been that way 35 years ago I probably would be involved in another pastime… who knows?. Mabye knitting, Yoga, or maybe even running (no forget I said that).

In any case I understand the fascination, the desire and determination, to learn all the possibilities, all the various options, settings, responses, and all the variable variables. They are just more than my brain can handle. Call it laziness, overload,  senility whatever. I just want to find treasure, no matter what it is, and I want to do it without having to deal with mind blowing, ball breaking calculations,  analyzations, confusing charts or wandering through 500 pages of instructions (hell it took me three hours to figure out how to assemble my desk chair!)
No doubt I am officially “over the hill”, and not as enthused as the rest of you about the modern age. I do however have a “mobile” phone. It’s  so mobile I often leave it in grocery store carts. Nobody ever steals it because it is not a “smart” phone ( and don’t  even think of responding Howland). The only reason I have that is for an emergency. I have one of those monthly plans that lets my unused minutes accumulate.  I now have in excess of 2 trillion!

Understand this is not a knock on today’s technology. If I were thirty or forty years younger I would be into it as much as everyone else. I remember spending  hours at the dining room table, bench testing and comparing detectors back in the 70’s and 80’s…only today I would be at the table a helluva lot longer.

Are we getting so technical, so advanced, so over-the-top, so involved, so far out, that we are losing those who might be interested in getting  started. Yep, I know there are basic machines out there, with turn on and go settings (I use them), but even those are far more complicated than they used to be.  Lastly, this is not a knock on the Minelab 3030. I have trouble understanding all the variables on my White’s V3i too, and pretty much use the preset “Coin  and Jewelry” program.

I have no clue where detector technology will be five or ten years down the road. In my opinion, the one thing that really hasn’t changed that much? Depth.  I remember when I was working at Garrett back in the late 80’s, and was talking with a distributor about the Grand Master, our first computerized model, and he responded “Dick, we don’t need all that…. just give me a detector that will go an inch or two deeper, and I will sell a shitload”.

Me thinks he was right…..



My friend Joey Ortega put together a nice video of his finds this year, and wanted to share it here…. Thanks Joey.



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2 responses to “I have come to realize…

  1. Ron’s a fireman….these guys do no wrong! I’ve seen some of what they have to pick up. I hold him and his kind in high regard. The CTX-3030?…I’m going for a beer….

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